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A Moment Of Utter Stillness. . . .


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This may seem like a totally off the wall post but I felt I had to share with someone, and you guys are it!!!


I was just sat outside near our garden pond taking onboard some sunshine, and for a few minutes I just felt totally still and calm and serene


It truly was stillness.


I can't recall feeling that before.


It was so wonderful.


I am presuming that I feel it was extraordinary because I don't recall the last time my head was empty of thoughts about surgery, or cancer, or work or the children. . . . .


There was nothing in my head.


Or at least it felt that way momentarily.


Golly it was good not to think about anyone or anything.


Maybe it's because I decided today I really was going to start my summer break or maybe the book in my hands enabled me to banish the majority of thoughts away. . .


I don't know what it was or why but that moment of stillness was wonderful.


Now my head is whizzing as per usual.




But in such a good way!

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