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I recently resigned as Manager from a new PVI setting as I was unable to work alongside the owners who continually undermined me, flaunting procedures such as disregarding the CRB requirement for nappy changing and toilet runs, discussed confidential issues with anyone who cared to listen and ignored requests to sort out health and safety matters. Nobody was given a contract or job description, in spite of several requests.


Apart from the fact that I was forced to resign for bringing these matters to their attention, they also forced another practitioner to resign without a disciplinary procedure, made another resign by threatening her with written disciplinaries because she would not hand over the notes she made at my request during the meeting prior to my resignation. So, in the space of a month, the setting has lost the manager and the three most highly qualified staff. The only remaining qualified person (Deputy) is now away on a two week holiday. There are three unqualified plus random agency staff, with the owners helping out on occasions (both registered childminders who never went through an Ofsted inspection) and it seems theyare prepared to continue in this way without bothering to arrange for a named deputy let alone Child Protection DP cover.


The kitchen is less than hygienic, the owner cooks, but does not complete the Safer Food Better Business file nor has he completed the Food Hygiene course.


We three who have now left have composed a letter to the LA, outlining various issues we regard as important. This will be handed in tomorrow. The EY Advisor is aware of the situation - since the beginning of June - but has not shown up yet. Ofsted were also informed about concerns, but no action has yet been taken.


Our main concern is the welfare of the children (and babies) at the setting. There was one serious incident last month when a child had a head injury and ended up in hospital.



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I'm sorry i dont know what to say- if your LA is aware of the situation but have still taken no action. I am appalled that with all the measures we have in place in this day and age places like this still exist. I would contact Ofsted again, stress how concerned you are and also copy them in to your letter to LA.

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It also appals me too, lynned55, but I have had a lesson in however many policies and procedures one may have, it only takes one person to disregard them to render them pretty much useless.


We plan to copy in Ofsted and I will phone them again tomorrow.

On my resignation I called them immediately to inform them I was no longer there and informed them about my concerns generally. Somebody did visit last week, but apart from finding a baby crawling around at the top of a staircase, nothing else was out of order.


Some parents are aware, others don't seem to have cottoned on yet.

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I really don't see what else you can do if you have formally complained to both Ofsted and the Local Authority. If you have concerns that children are not being adequately safeguarded, then mouse63's suggestion of contacting the LSCB is one option for you.


If you have brought this issue to the attention of all the relevant authorities and no action is taken, then at some point you're going to have to walk away knowing that you did everything you could whilst you worked there, and after you left to ensure that standards were improved.


Probably one of the most difficult things you'll have to do. :(

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I too think you have done all you can and importantly taken yourself out of the situation!


Many years ago I worked in a private nursery based in a house (way before EYFS and birth to three etc!!!!) In fact it was probably about 1985.Gulp!!


Anyway there were things going on there that were frustrating and unlawful (ratios) I knew I had to get out but also do something because otherwise whenever I applied for jobs I was going to be seen as someone who worked "at THAT nursery"


In my case, the owners went away on holiday and we had a visit. . . . not Ofsted they werent around then, I think it was social services. . . . . cant quite recall but anyhow my colleague and I had been told NOT to let anyone in because they were away but we did, and we told them EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! Even about the children they hid upstairs when visitors came so they didnt look over their ratios!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Suffice to say my colleague and I were out of there pretty swiftly after that!!!!!!!!!!!


Well done for resigning but for trying to alert the correct people to te problems too x

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what a horrible situation and one that appalls me and concerns me that you have voiced concerns to the appropriate bodies and yet no action has been taken. i would do as suggested and immediately call LSCB , remember to note all calls , dates and times and ask to be kept informed when action are taken. We have a responsibilty to those in our care and although you walked away you did so for the right reasons from what you are saying. Good Luck

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What a difficult situation to find yourself in. Unfortunately in these situations there are several things at play.


Firstly with the advisor who seems to have remained silent despite being aware of all the issues. Sadly many people just aren't strong enough to speak out, preferring to bury their heads in the sand in the hope that the problem will go away or someone else will deal with it. Although this shouldn't happen, it does and is actually quite common.


Secondly, it is an unfortunate fact of life that Ofsted receive many complaints about a setting from disgruntled ex-employee's with an axe to grind.Trying to sift through these and work out which are real and which are made out of spite is very difficult. Additionally I have seen for myself how easy it is to pull the wool over their eyes if a setting has all the paperwork in place and can 'talk the talk'. As you say, none of this is proof of actual practice but for Ofsted there is little more they can do.


Having said that it could be that action is being taken but that they are carefully weighing the evidence - only time will tell.


As the others have said though, it sounds like you have followed all the steps open to you. I hope that it isn't all in vain.

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