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Does anybody have a welcome/new starters letter they'd be willing to share with me to save me reinventing the wheel?


We somehow seem to have managed to get by without one for the last few years but I do think it would improve our induction to the setting.


Thanking you in anticipation.

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Thanks very much Korkycat, some items on there I hadn't thought of adding to a welcome letter which is why it's great to see what other settings do. Would love to see any other ideas too.


Thanks again.

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mine is much the same as SueJ's but also includes a short version of our safeguarding policy for parents to keep and a data processing information sheet which we are obliged to give to parents (something to do with the data capture by the LEA to do with FNEP funding). All in all I think we drown them with paperwork.

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We do a sort of parents information mini brochure. We do do a prospectus but as parents get that so far in advance i decided to take out a lot of stuff fro that and put into this- to give them on their first day. it's stuff like how our lunch and snack times operate, tells them where all our policies can be found, just general stuff about our day to day running.


I was just about to post it here when I realised that it has been done in Publisher and I am on a new machine that doesn't have publisher so cannot open it. i dont want to post it as it is as it has our phone number and address. Sorry

What a pain, needs updating and had planned that for the summer- wont be able to on this machine now.

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Hi Lynn


Thanks for the thought Lynned55. I know exactly how that feels not having Publisher on your new computer but having documents to open. I downloaded an old version from a previous version I had. I did a custom download, only downloading Publisher.


You could always PM me and I could delete your contact details before uploading it but you might not want to do that which I understand.


Thanks anyway.

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