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Hi Everyone



Does anyone have experience of payroll?



I've got a member of staff off sick. I orginally told her that she wasn't entitled to ssp (as she hadn't paid any national insurance for the eight weeks previous) infact non this tax year. She has questioned this as she has looked on Direct gov and you need to earn over £107 pw to be entitled to SSP. I rang LAWCALL (PLA) and they confirmed that you need to 'pay in to get out'


I then began to wonder why the payroo system hadn't taken NI but found the limit £146. But by earning £107 you can earn the benefits???? Is this a new thing from April this year???



Is this right???? and if so she normally works Mon 6 1/2 hrs / wed 6 1/2 hrs / Fri 4 1/2 hrs the SSP calculator seems to work out that she is entitled to the full £85.85 pw??? I can't believe that you can pay in nothing and get the same benefits as for example me that paid £358 tax /NI last month.


Any info would be much appriecated

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SSP is only linked with last few weeks pay not over time,


but had a quick look and does seem they have set different levels for paying and recieving ssp now..


I am assuming you are using the ssp calculator on the HMRC site which is the one I used to use and was always accurate.. when I last did it wit was paid per day off not per hours off so working 3 days gave less than working 5.. , have they changed that too..


you can at least claim some of it back when you have to pay it, but it does seem unfair someone not paying NI at all still gets the same as someone paying regularly larger amounts. .. not got time to check into it more just now but does seem she it right..

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I employ someone to do the payroll so she worked it out for my member of staff who was off sick for the maximum 29 weeks. But I think Inge is right its per day and around £16 per day. I looked at the online HMRC stuff which is very comprehensive and there are links via Businesslink too I think.

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Not sure of the rules & regs but the one and only time we had a member of staff on SSP was four years ago. She was under the NI threshold but I seem to remember the lady who did our payroll at the time saying that she was entitled as we paid it. (we as in employer)


Sorry I mean we paid NI

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