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Hello everyone,

I've just set up a Foundation Stage Unit in my school. We are kicking off the new academic year with lots of new themes. One of the new ones we have decided on is the topic of bears. Please, please, please could someone send me a copy of their medium term planning of bears to cover the age range 3-5.

We want to make the first term really exciting for the children. Thank you soooooooooooooo much.

Boogie :D

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Don't have any MTP's but this is a topic I'd like to do myself.


I have seen a magazine pullout on this somewhere - may be worth checking for back copies with publishers?


Obviously there is the Goldilocks idea with role play maths and pse not to mention all the other possibilities!


The Bear Hunt is fantastic too for pulling ideas - we like to use it for physical development as well as creative.


There is also the different bears avenue - polar bears like the cold, brown bears hibernate during winter...


I will be sorting out my resources over the hols so if I come across that pullout I'll let you know!

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The books Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see? and Polar Bear Polar Bear what do you hear are great and the children love them - so much that you can do from just these 2 books!


Sarah :D

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One of my all-time favourites is 'Albert le Blanc' - I like to read it with a french accent in the appropriate places - makes the children giggle (and convinces the rest of the staff of my insanity!)


Sue :D

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This is a possible activity for MD:



Warm-up: Hop from 1 to 31 (standing around the ‘Chicki-chicki-chick’).


Main: The children stand up and count from 1 to 31, passing the teddy from child to child with each number spoken. The child holding the teddy bear when a covered number is said is to rise up the teddy bear. (7 covered numbers or equivalent to number of teddy bears) The children should be facing the chalkboard to see the calendar.


Teacher initiated (small groups, 10 mins):

Green group: Shuffle number cards (1 to 20). Place the 10 card face up. Deal out the rest so that each child has three cards. Children take turns to place a card on the table if the number shown is next to a number already laid face up. The first child to use all their cards wins. Play it twice if the ten minutes have not finished.


Blue and Violet groups: Use a number track (1 to 20) and different-coloured teddy bears for each child. Children choose a number and say it. They cover the next number with a Post-it-note and say what it is. If they are not correct, they remove their Post-it-note. Keep playing until all the numbers are covered. Who has covered most numbers?


Equipment needed

1. Teddy bears near the video (red and yellow cupboard)

2. Numbers on the calendar and the ‘21’ to ‘31’ are under the chalkboard.

3. Post-it-notes inside the wooden box where my wedding picture is on my desk.

4. Coloured teddy bears (box) in the last cupboard in the long yellow cupboard.

5. Number cards from 1 – 20 with coloured drawings (nearby where you find the coloured teddy bears)

6. Paper and pencil to write down the points.


Key vocabulary or questions

Count, count on, number names one to thirty-one, backwards, forwards, next, after, before.


While the teacher is with one group the other two groups can do the following (this has to be explained beforehand to them… they might end up doing something else anyway):


Home Area: Children find different places to stick numbers, e.g. door numbers, telephone numbers, clock face numbers.


Construction Area: Each child chooses a number (he doesn’t say it to the rest) and builds a model with that number of building bricks. Can the others guess the number of bricks?

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This I got from somewhere else:


Bear Ideas


Ruby by Maggie Glen 'Where's My Teddy ' by Jez Alborough

'Can't You Sleep Little Bear?' by Martin Waddell and Barbara Firth

'This Is The Bear' by Sarah Hayes and Helen Craig.

Bertie and The Bear by Pamela Allen

Dancing Bear by C. Bermant

Jessie Bear, What Will You Wear by Nancy White Carlstrom

Wake Up Bear by Lynley Dodd|

Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See by Bill Martin

|I'm Going On a Bear Hunt by Sandra Stroner Sivulich

Bear Snores On

Little Bear

Moonbear Books

The Biggest Bear




Use a small paper plate.

Prepare a ton of cut up yarn in shades of bear fur cut into about inch long pieces.

Kids glue fur onto plate and then

add cut out eyes, nose, and mouth.


Cut out 2 matching simple Teddy Bear outlines from cloth. Let kids stuff, add face, and either glue together or sew with yarn through prepunched holes.


Sandpaper Bear-Cut a simple bear shape from coarse sandpaper. Let the children run whole cinnamon sticks over the bear. Then let children decorate with paint or paper pieces as desired. Great sensory activity.


Sand bear art-Cut a simple bear from tagboard. Mix sand with powdered brown tempera paint (or whatever color desired); Spread glue over the bear and then shake/pour sand on. Let it sit for a minute or two, then shake off excess.


Bear Sponging-let the children sponge paint with bear sponges and bear face sponges. This is always a fun one.


Teddy Bear Playdoh-We make brown playdoh from scratch, using brown tempera to colorize. The children help make and cook the playdoh. Then we use bear cookie cutters and stamps to make teddy bears!


Marshmallow Bear-I make a blackline master of a bear and then run him on paper; I then let the children use brown, white, or black paint to paint with.

They simply dip their marshmallow in paint and press away!!


Jamberry-Cut out a large bear shape from fingerpaint paper. Let the kids fingerpaint it brown; when dry draw a stomach area and let them dip their fingertips into a red or maroon color and paint "jam" on.


Bear with Honey-Make a blackline master of a brown bear on brown, then let the kids glue honeycombs onto his stomach area: or run a honey pot and let them glue honeycombs on! This is cute as Winnie the Pooh!!


Cinnamon Bear simple bear shape (precut for younger ones) cinnamon sugar liquid glue 1) mix sugar and cinnamon 2) have older children cut out bear shape 3) children can place glue anywhere on the bear and add cinnamon and sugar mixture 4) glue poem to middle of bear so they can share with their parents.


Teddy Toos Teddy Bear Tattoos applied to children's skin.


Bear Craft The children make teddy bear hats and cards. (any teddy bear art project would do here)

Beary Quick Crafts - Bear sponge paintings Brown play dough with bear cookie cutters.

Brown playdoh - to make bears

Bear Lacing card, make out of ice-cream pail top or bottom, punch with paper punch


Make bear bingo cards using differnt bear stickers. Make bear tracks and clear contact them to the floor for the children to follow. Use a large cardboard box to make into a cave for the bears to play in. Hibernate a bear at the end of the theme, and take out in spring with some smaller (baby) bears!


Furry Sewing Cards

Cut teddy bear shapes out of sturdy cardboard ahead of time. Let the children punch holes along the outside edges with a hole punch. Then, let them glue small pieces of fur all over their sewing card. This will make the card "feel" good while they are sewing.


Creative Art

Puffy Paint Bears

Cut bear shapes out of brown construction paper. Let the children paint with the puffy paint by squeezing the paint out of bottles. The paint will

harden in a puffy shape.


• Flour

• salt

• water

• Tempura Paint

Mix equal amounts of flour, salt and water. Add liquid tempera paint for color. Pour mixture into squeeze bottles.


Teddy Bear Wagon - Obtain a box that the teddy bear will fit into. Have the child decorate as desired. When dry, poke a hole big enough to thread a piece of yarn through. Tie a piece of yarn, just long enough for the child to hold, while the box rests on the floor. Let the child pull the wagon around with their Teddy Bear.


Button Teddy Bears Cut out Bear shapes from white construction paper. Have your child paint brown. When dry, let them glue on buttons for eyes and the



I read my kids the story Courdroy.. then we made a courdroy touch and feel bear. I cut a bear for each child cut out of brown oak tag. I gave each child a square piece of wall paper that I had pre-punched holes in and had them sew a pocket for courdroy. ( put holes on only 3 sides.) I thin punched one hole on the top . We glued the pocket onto the middle of the bear. The kids drew on faces. Then I had cut out 4 different colored squares for each child. They put something hard, soft, smooth and bumpy on the 4 squares. I attatched them each to a piece of yarn, and put all the strings through courdroys pocket. Then all the pieces fit in the pocket.




Perform an activity poem about a bear hunt.

Procedure: Sit with the children in a circle. Space the children far enough

apart so they can move their arms without touching each other.


A Bear Hunt

We are going on a bear hunt.

You can come along.

Let's walk. (Slap hands on thighs at a walking rhythm.)

There's a log ahead.

Let's run and jump over it. (Slap hands in running rhythm and pause as you

"jump" the log.

Then walking rhythm again.)

We're coming to a hill.

It's a steep hill.

We'll have to walk up the hill slowly. (Hit hands on thighs slowly and make

sound of heavy breathing.)

Phew! we're at the top.

Let's look around. (Put hand eyes and look around.)

Let's go on everyone.

Run down the hill. (Hit hands on thighs in running rhythm.)

There's a river...but no bridge.

We'll have to swim across to the other side. (Make swimming motions with arms.)

Quiet ...shhh! Woods ahead.

Walk very quietly in the woods. (Hit hands on thighs slowly and quietly.)

(Shout), "It's a bear! Yikes! Let's get out of Here!"

Do all the actions backwards very quickly.


Swim the river

Run up the hill

Run down the hill


Jump the log

Run until you get home at last.

Breathe a sigh of relief.

That's the end of the bear hunt.

Teddy Bear Freeze

Put some jazzy music on and encourage the children to make their bears dance the way the music makes them want to dance. When the music stops, yell, "FREEZE!!" When everybody has frozen, start the music again and encourage them to dance. Do this until they are tired.


Messy Table Boo Boo Bears

What if your bear got hurt or sick? Set up a doctor table just for doctoring bears. Make sure there are plenty of Band Aids. ace bandages, wraps, cold compresses, gauze pads, tape, injections (toy shots) stethoscope, ear looker, tongue depressors, rubber gloves. You would be amazed at all the stuff a hospital will give you if it is for educating little ones. It can’t hurt to ask. The children will spend a lot of time at this table so have lots of stuff.




Hide N Seek Bears

Before the children go outside, hide their bears all over the play yard. When all of the bears have been found, let the children who want to continue the game take turns hiding and finding the bears.


Bear bounce - Lay out a blanket or towel with a teddy bear in middle. Have two children work together to hold onto four corners of the blanket. Have them lift to toss bear Gently in air and hold blanket out to catch it.


Play ring around a rosie with your teddy bear.


Dance with your teddy bear.


TEDDY BEAR MASKS- To make; cut out the center portion of a paper plate. Draw two half circles on the center portion to represent bear ears; then cut. Staple or glue the ear cutouts to the outer rim of the paper plate and paint the mask. After the paint dries, paint the inner portion of each ear pink and glue a craft stick to the bottom of the paper plate. Then using an eyebrow pencil, draw whiskers on each child's face and a triangular shape on the nose. Have them hold the masks up to their faces for bear-y nice teddies!


TEDDY BEAR TRACING When the children bring their teddy bears have the children trace around them (smaller children may need assistance) onto a large piece of paper. Then the children can color the pictures to look like their teddy bears. They can even add cloths and a background. Under the bear I write:


My bears's name is ________. ________ is ________ (color of bear). We like to ________(activity child does with bear). ________ moved in with me when ________. (basically write a short story about the bear)

The children can fill in the lines with help or fill in the lines for them. The sentences can be changed to any topic that might capture the interest of children. Once we changed the sentences to describe what teddy and the child liked to eat at our tea party. Hang the posters around the room. The kids LOVE this activity!


LEARNING THE ABC'S Cut 26 teddy bear shapes out of posterboard and write the letters "A-Z or "a-z" on them with a felt tip marker. Laminate. The let the children practice putting the bears in alphabetical order.

Bear Sorting Ask the children to sort the teddy bears by categories (size, color, those wearing bows, etc.) Then count the number in each category. Also, let the children come up with ideas for categories. Talk about more and less.


Weighty Bears Review the concepts of heavy and light by having one child at a time hold a different teddy bear in each hand. Which bear feels heavier? Which feels lighter? Provide a balance scale to compare the weights of different bears.


Graham Grid Each child gets assortment of Teddy Bear Grahams and grid paper to make graph (& then eat!)


Bear Awards Teacher decides on award after looking at each teddy, awards are given with description written on it. For example: Tallest Bear, Purple-est Bear, Silliest Bear, Bear with the Biggest nose, Most Hugged Bear, etc.


Estimation Station- Fill a container with Teddy Grahams and have each child guess the number of crackers.


Healthy bear Check Ups (a certificate is given out to each bear signed by a B.D. *bear doctor!*) - The B.D.'s check the bears with stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, tongue depressors. If the bears have an ailment, they put a Band-Aid or some gauze on it to make it better. The doctors prescribe Bear Hug's twice daily and lots of bed rest with the owner. Sometimes the bears have to have an x-ray. You can get some old x-ray film and cut out teddy bear shapes from that. To check their eyes, put patches (with a paw print on the front) over the bear's eye and have them read which way the paw pointed (up, down, left, right). Then because the sun is so bright, have paper sunglasses taped to the bear. This is also a great time to learn about healthy bear snacks and exercises.


Teddy Bear Health Certificate Bear Patient


Name______________________________________________ Next of Kin____________________________________________________ (put child's name here) Well Bear__________ Tender Loving Care Syndrome (TLC): Too Much____ Just Right_____Not enough____ Ailing Bear Symptoms: Loss of Limb____ Paw____ Arm____ Leg____ (check one) Stuffing Herniation______ Weakness of Auxiliary Seams______ Squint Due to Loss of Eye______ Jaundice Due to Color Loss___________ Old Age Debilitation _________________ RX: Hug Bear Twice Daily__________ Bed Rest with Owner __________ Date__________________ Checked by: ________________________________ B.D. (Bear Doctor)


Sandpaper Cinnamon Bears - Glue sandpaper to tag board and then cut out bear shapes. Give the children cinnamon sticks and let them rub the sticks on the sandpaper. The bears will smell like cinnamon!


I made a "bear" word search puzzle for young children where the words can only be read from left to right and top to bottom. I do this puzzle with a small group of Kdg children. We read the words we are going to be looking for before beginning the puzzle. Then I show them a picture of a bear, tell them the name, spell the word, then search for that word. I share a strategy of looking for the beginning letter of the word by sweeping the puzzle left to right and top to bottom. When we find the beginning letter we check going left to right for the first 3 letters then top to bottom. We also use colored pencils and after 3 words we switch to another color. We help each other and the kids think it is a lot of fun!


Teddy Bear Program---hospital speaking of "Teddy Bears"---does your hospital have the "Teddy Bear" program? IT IS FANTASTIC---i am in northern new York and this is the 3rd year we will be going. Children bring in a "teddy bear' from home---any stuffed animal--{I always make sure to have extra in the room because some parents----no matter how many notes i send home do not send one}We go to the hospital---get our "bears"


"FIXED UP" and i am not kidding---nurses and drs ask the children what is wrong with their bear and they put band -aids ,splints ,bandages around the heads--they have taken a needle and thread and sewn up a rip --whatever the kids say, they fix. You should see the kids eyes!!! We then get a tour of the whole hospital----cafeteria---wahs room---where they have hugh machines to wash and iron sheets---x---ray---and we see x---rays and they have to guess what it is---we even saw a baby in a mom's tummy one year!!!--we go to the emergency room---if empty we get to go in----up to maternity and see the babies---We then go outside and go through a rescue squad and end up at the nursing home reading to the elderly. Like i said I can't say enough--you should really check with your hospitals!!!


When I do a teddy Bear unit I always start with the history of teddy bears.

Teddy Roosevelt had a strong influence. You can purchase a beautifullly illustrated book about the histroy of the teddy bear this from www.sleepingbearpress.com.


Teddy Bear Visitors- For Bear day bring teddy bears from home. Have all the kids make up a story with their bear as the main character and then type and print for them. Watch all the Winnie the Pooh's that you have and read some Berenstein Bear books and some Little Bear books. For crafts make some paper bears and glue them to craft sticks and have a puppet show with them.


Quick & Easy- A week before you start this theme send home an invitation to each child inviting their favorite teddy. Read stories about teddy bears.Dress up clothes for the teddy bears (good for fine motor skills). Take pictures of the children and their teddies put pictures in album to share with parents.Let the children act out the story were going on a bear hunt.Use a large blanket or table cloth to make a cave and pretend your bears. Don't forget the three bears story. Let the kids try porridge. Bear lacing cards. Plastic bears in the sand and or water table.


The Three Bear Family- First get a refrigerator or wash machine box and cut off one of the sides. Then on the center piece cut a peaked roof and a window on each of the sides. It's no longer a complete box but an opened up "U" shape. The kids can get on both sides of it and paint it using bright colors. When this is dry, use it as kind of a back drop for the house.The kids can build beds, chairs, and a table using the hollow blocks - good math activity trying to figure out the different size beds: if we use two blocks for the baby bed, how many for mom's and dad's? Same thing with the chairs.You can provide pillows and blankets, and: a baby bonnet for baby bear, an apron and hat for mama bear, a tie and hat for papa bear, a dress and barrette with yellow curls for goldilocks, a giant bowl, middle sized bowl and baby bowl, a giant wooden spoon (the kind that hangs on the wall - a thrift store find), a tablespoon and a baby spoon. Then enact the play.


Teddy Bear Poster - When the children bring their bears help the children trace around them onto a large piece of paper. The children then color them to look like their teddies and to the side of these drawings write these sentences:


My bear's name is ________. ______ is ________inches long. (together use a ruler to measure teddy) ________came to live with me when_____________. (the story of where bear came from) __________ and I like to ______________. (what the child likes to do with teddy) The children can fill in the lines with help or you can fill in the lines for them. The sentences can be changed to any topic that might capture the interest of children.

Teddy Bear Parade Have a group of children line up, or walk around in a group, with their teddy bear's in their wagons, and have a parade. Play marching music.


Have a teddy bear hunt. Let each child bring their own teddy bear in for a teddy bear picnic. During their naptime, (works great if kids sleep in a

separate room or you have a separate room you can hide the bears) hide the bears in a room where the children are not sleeping. After their naptime, have the children try to find their hidden bears.


Bear Stencils:

Use large bear shape to make a stencil. Hold the stencil down on white paper and sponge paint with brown to make a bear. Either draw facial

features, or cut and paste a photocopied face onto the bear. Add background details when dry. For a polar bear, use the inside of the stencil or the actual bear shape. Hold it down with tape on white paper and sponge paint all around the outside. When you remove the bear shape, you have a white "polar bear" in the middle of the page. Add facial features with marker.



After discussing hibernation, glue a picture of a bear onto a craft or popsicle stick. Insert stick through bottom of a styrofoam cup and you can bring the bear into and out of his den. (This can also be used for Groundhog Day)


Bears Lair:

Create a bears lair with blankets draped over chairs or small tables, having one side of the lair be a wall or a couch. Pad the lair with another blanket and pillows and tuck in a basket of books. If your lair is really dim, give your child a flashlight. Send your little bear off for "lair time" when he or she needs to recharge.


We do "Bears" to celebrate the birthday of the "Teddy Bear" for our three and four year old class. We ask all the children to bring in their favorite bear and we have a Teddy Bear Tea. I serve Teddy Beary Juice (any kind of juice) and we eat Teddy Graham crackers for snack with optional honey for dipping. I put bear books out for our quiet book time after lunch (they can't read yet, but the books have lots of pictures of bears). I read a book about Hibernation and introduce our class bear "Bernate". I have all the children say "Hi Bernate". We then find the darkest spot in our classroom so Bernate can go to sleep for the winter. In the Spring she will come out of her "cave". We tooka die cut Teddy Bear puppet for each child and sang teddy bear songs (Teddy Bear Teddy Bear turn around, etc.) for music and movement time. We colored and decorated our own Bears for craft time and in circle everyone introduced their bears to each other. I gave everyone a Brown Bear stamp on the back of their hands before they went home.


Bear Toss

Have each child bring a stuffed bear to school. Put them in a parachute and

toss them into the air!


Bear caves - We have gotten a BIG box. Painted the outside of the box with brown tempera paint. Then gathered leaves and stuck them to the wet paint. When dry, you have a bear cave/den. Put pillows inside and let friends (usually 2 at a time) hibernate inside. *It also makes a nice quiet place for them to read. I also put Winnie the POOH in his cave in the fall.

ON Ground hog day. We decide how many week till spring. I mark the calendar. Then on that day we take Winnie out of the cave..bears and hibernation


I play a game called Dancing in the Forest(fall) or for winter Dancing in the Snow. One child is outside of the circle and is the bear. It goes:


(Kid's sing:)(They march in the circle)

We are dancing in the forest

And the bear is far away.

He can't see us

He can't find us

Because we are hear to stay.


Circle all stop and kids turn and chant to the student who is the bear. Bear, are you there???

Bear replies: Yes, I'm putting on my shirt,

Crcle replies: OOHHH!


Repeat the circle chant about dancing in the forest and then the circle says: Bear, are you there?

He replies: Yes, I'm putting on my pants!

The circle says :OHHH!


Repeat song and circle marches.

Then, they say:

Bear are you there:

The bear says: Yes,I'm putting on my socks,


Repeat previous circle chant

Next, :Yes, I'm putting on my shoes

Repeat circle chant

Next"Yes, I''m putting on my hat( You can vary this ... I use coat for winter) Repeat circle chant.

Finally, the bear says: Yes, I AM HERE!

Circle all shout: OHHHH !

Then they stoop and hide their eyes and the student who is the bear chooses a student in the circle and says: Got ya! (taps the child on the shoulder) That student then becomes the bear!


You can substitute, “We are dancing in the snowstorm.

Polar bear is far away.”


The Bears Are Sleeping. You choose several children to be bears (you will have to play until everyone has a turn!:)they lay down and sleep inside the circle. The circle hold hands and walks around the sleeping bears singing... The Bears are sleeping, the bears are sleeping. In their hiding place, in their hiding place. If you are a stranger, you will be in danger for you never, for you never really should wake them. (It is a unique tune similar to Frere Jacques which will work with a little teacher modification!:)

The circle shouts "wake up bears" and the bears growl loudly ( we only allow one growl!) Then you change bears and start over!


Read Corduroy at story time. We'll then go in search of his lost button. I found some attribute style big buttons at Classroom Direct. I will give each of the "tour stop" people a different button. When we go looking for his blue, round button, the nurse will say "I don't have a blue, round button, but I have a red, square button." Then, the principal will have a yellow, triangle button, and so forth, until we have seen the whole school and met everyone. Then we'll return to the classroom with all these buttons, (plus more that I have in the room) and do a sorting activity by shape, color, # of holes, etc. Somehow, magically, there will be the blue, round button in that pile. We'll all make a paper bear with a button to glue on his overalls.


I do a Teddy Bear Party too only I do mine after Hans Bear has been to visit. He "comes" from Germany to stay at the children's houses overnight. What joy when older siblings get to see Hans once again. A journal goes with him in his suitcase with a photo of his parents and a toothbrush and a storybook. On his travels he gathers many gifts. On his last night in our room we have a Teddy Bear Sleepover. My colleages re-do my room so even I don't know what to expect and they are REALLY good. I love to watch the expressions on the children's faces when they see our room and the squeals of delight - oh my. They keep saying "Did they really do this?" But they know I hate a messy room at the end of the day and I left with them so they know I would never do it! I'm always amazed at the children who start cleaning up right away and those that just wander around!


Teddy Bear Party

I wanted to share with all of you something one of our second grade teachers did yesterday. Last week she did a unit on Teddy Bears and had each the students bring a bear from home. On Friday, they all left their bears at school. On Monday morning the students found their classroom door locked and a sign on the door that read "No Humans Allowed"

Mrs. Short couldn't find her key so she had to have the principal come to unlock the door. He couldn't get it unlocked so they found the custodian who brought his saw and caulking gun. After much trouble, the door was opened to find that the bears had had a party over the weekend!

The bears were camped out on the reading center couch and the pillows from the reading loft and they were watching "The Jungle Book".

The entire room was trashed! Streamers hung from all of the lights, bears were swinging from the lights. Butterfinger and Bit 'Honey wrappers were everywhere. The bears even got into Mrs. Short' s M&M's and spilled them all over her desk.(The kids knew she hadn't done all of this damage, because she would never waste M&M's like that.) To top it all off, at the end of the day when the bears were passed back to their rightful owners, there were extra bears! The students could hardly believe the bears had invited friends over to help create the mess in the room.


I have done a Teddy Bear Picnic for several years and love it. For a craft we make Bear Ears (or a mask) to wear at our picnic.


Sing the story "Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You Hear" To the tune of

Twinkle Twinkle little star. At the end add the children's names, such as

Sara, Sara who do you see? That child names another child and then that child's name is used. They love it. Put pictures of the characters in a bag and sing the story. Pull out each character as you are singing. Every time you "read" the story this way it changes. You can add pictures of the children in your group. Let the children pick the next character out of the bag.


Cut a large cave shape from folded brown or gray bulletin board paper. On the bottom half have students glue pictures of colored bears that are sleeping. Take the top half and cut a door to the cave from it then glue the two together along the edges. This forms the cave for the hibernating bears. Write Sh-sh the bears are sleeping on the cave. My students wrote the letter z all over the cave for writing practice and to show the bears were sleeping. You can also make individual caves for each child following this pattern.


Make beds out of shoe boxes for your teddy bears.

Using bears that you have cut out from different colors of construction paper, make a patterning game.

Allow the children to make patterns that they know and then let a friend copy them.


We are a christian preschool and we do a lesson on praying.

We take a McDonald's fry box and paint it brown.

We attach a brown construction head onto it.

We tie jute string through the bottom of the box and have the kids string beads for the legs.

We offer them more construction paper and have

them cut out feet and then we help them tie those to the bottom of the string.

Each prayer we do throughout the week is placed into the fry box.

Before it is sent home we write on the front "_________'s Prayer Bear".


Recipes & Snacks

Healthy Snacks - Bears Put out five bowls containing Teddy Grahams.

Marked the bowls 1-2-3-4-5. Have children take one teddy graham cracker from the bowl marked 1, 2 from the one marked 2, etc. By the time they have removed from each bowl they will have 15 teddy grahams. Serve with a glass of milk.


Teddy Bear Jell-o Make grape Jell-o. Use less water so the children can hold the Jell-o better. (Jiggler™s recipe on box) Use a cookie cutter to cut out Teddy Bear Shapes.


Bears In The Cave: This is the perfect treat for a winter birthday party. On a plate, help your child flatten a scoop of vanilla ice cream to make "snow". Make a cave by wedging two plain chocolate wafers into the "snow" two inches apart and resting a third wafer on top of them. Give your child a few gummy bears to place in the cookie cave.


Pooh Bear sandwiches Add honey to peanut butter and spread on bread

Bear Toast Taking a bear cookie cutter, press it down into a piece of bread and then toast it. The outline should remain after it is toasted. Drizzle honey over toast.


Bear Claws- Give each child a piece of tin foil and 2 ballard biscuits. Instruct them to make 5 balls out of one biscuit and place them on the edge of the other biscuit. Have them add an almond sliver for the nails.

Bake and enjoy.


Bear Claws II - Place a spoonful of pie filling in center of 1 refrigerator biscuit (I use blueberry). Then fold over in 1/2. With a knife make 2 slits on the edge of folded biscuit to imitate bear claws. Bake as directed on package.


Cub cakes- To make a paw-print cupcake, bake cake in 12-cup muffin tin. Frost (for a furry paw, mix the frosting with grated coconut first). Top each cupcake with a small mint patty. Then place 3 Junior Mints or chocolate chips around the patty for claw marks


Put the Bear to Bed - Need: one-and-a-half slices of bread for each student, 1 piece of cheese for each student, bear cookie cutter. Let the children use the cookie cutter to cut a bear shape from the cheese. Then instruct the children to lay the bear on the whole piece of bread and cover it with the half piece. Eat and enjoy.


Teddy Bear Biscuits Use canned biscuits--you'll need 1 and 3/4 biscuits for each bear. Use one whole biscuit for the bear's face. Slice the other biscuit into fourths. Use two of the quarters to pinch at either side of the top--these are your bear's ears. Use another quarter for the bear's nose. Then use two raisins for the eyes. Cook as you would normally cook the biscuits.


Honey Butter: Have children help mix honey and butter & spread on crackers.

Other snack ideas: Toast & honey Teddy grahams Honeycomb cereal Jellies and Berries - Use a teddy bear cookie cutter to make teddy bear shaped snacks.


Teddy Bear Picnic -My colleague and I used to do a Teddy Bear's Picnic with our Kindergarten Classes. We also combined it with a lunch for all the Dads. One of us would go out to our local park (which has walking trails) and we would hide teddy bears in the trees. The other teacher would come with the kinders on the bus. We instructed the children to keep their eyes and ears open....to look for flowers, listen to the birds, etc.

Well, you cannot guess the excitement when one of them spotted a "real" teddy bear perched up in a tree!!! Oh yes, that morning, each child had also made teddy bear ears to wear at the picnic! Then the Dads would join us for lunch (weiner roast and doughnuts usually). We usually showed the movie The Teddy Bear's Picnic before we went too....and everyone knew the rules of being a good teddy!





Are you sleeping

Are you sleeping little bear

You will sleep all winter

Through the cold, cold winter, little bear

Are you sleeping, are you sleeping, little bear

You will wake in springtime, in the warm, warm springtime, little bear, little bear


Act out Going on a Bear Hunt

I'm going on a bear hunt (slap thighs)

I see a swamp (hold hand as if looking)

Can't go under it (take hands low)

Can't go over it (Hold hands high)

Have to go through it.

Slush, slush, slush, slush, slush (rub hands together)

2. Bridge Thump (pound chest)

3. Stream, Splash (swimming strokes)

4. I see a tree

Let's go see,

Up, up, up, up, up. (fingers climb up)

I see a cave

Down, down, down, down, down, (fingers climb down)

Let's go see.

I feel something (feel with hands)

I feel something furry.

It feels like a bear

It looks like a bear

It is a bear!



Splash, splash, splash,

Thump, thump, thump.

Slush, slush, slush



Song: The bear Went Over the Mountain

Teddy Bear Song

Teddy Bear, teddy bear, turn around.

Teddy Bear, teddy bear, touch the ground

Teddy Bear, teddy bear, reach up high

Teddy Bear, teddy bear, bend down low

Teddy Bear, teddy bear, touch your toe.

Teddy Bear, teddy bear, go up stairs,

Teddy Bear, teddy bear, say your prayers

Teddy Bear, teddy bear, turn out the light

Teddy Bear, teddy bear, say goodnight!


Five Little Bears:


Counting up


One little bear

Wondering what to do

Along came another

Then there were two!

Two little bears

Climbing up a tree

Along came another

Then there were three!

Three little bears

Ate an apple core

Along came another

Then there were four!

Four little honey bears

Found honey in a hive

Along came another

Then there were five!


Counting down


Five little bears

Heard a loud roar

One ran away

Then there were four!

Four little bears

Climbing up a tree

One slide down

Then there were three!

Three little bears

Deciding what to do

One fell asleep

Then there were two!

Two little bears

Having lots of fun

One went home

Then there was one!

One little bear

Feeling all alone

Ran to his mother

Then there were none!


Movement Activity

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, turn around,

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, touch the ground,

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, reach up high

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, wink one eye,

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, slap your knees,

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, sit down please.


Little Bear (tune: Frere Jacques)


Are you sleepy, Are you sleepy

Little bear, little bear?

Wintertime is coming,

Wintertime is coming,

Very soon, very soon.


Find a cave, Find a cave,

Little bear, little bear

Wintertime is here, Wintertime is here,

Go to sleep, go to sleep.


Are you sleepy, Are you sleepy

Little bear, little bear?

You will wake in springtime

In the warm, warm springtime


Little bear, little bear

Time to wake up, Time to wake up

Little bear, little bear

Springtime is here, Springtime is here

Wake up now, wake up now!


Cinnamon Bear Poem

Cinnamon, Cinnamon Cinnamon Bear

Sitting on a kitchen chair.

Cinnamon sugar in a shaker.

Shake, shake, shake it Like a baker.

Sprinkle it on buttered toast.

It's the treat You'll love the most.

Cinnamon, Cinnamon, Cinnamon Bear,

Do you think that we may share?


Teddy Bear's Picnic - If you go down to the woods today You're sure of a big surprise If you go down to the woods today You'd better go in disguise

For ev'ry bear that ever there was will gather there for certain because Today's the day the Teddy Bears have their picnic Ev'ry Teddy Bear who's been good Is sure of a treat today. There's lotst of marvelous things to eat And wonderful games to play Beneatht the trees wher nobody sees They'll hide and seek as long as they please 'Cause that's the way the Teddy Bears have their picnic. If you go down to the woods today You'd better not go alone It's lovely down in the woods today But safer to stay at home For ev'ry bear that ever there was Will gather there for certain, because Today's the day the Teddy Bears have their picnic. The little Teddy Bears are having a lovely time today Watch the, catch them unawares And see them picnic on their holiday See them gaily gad about They love to play and shout; They never have any care; At six o'clock their Mummies and Daddies, Will take them home to bed, Because they're tired little Teddy Bears.


John Bratton and Jimmy Kennedy

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

Teddy bear, Teddy bear, touch your nose,

Teddy bear, Teddy bear, touch your toes;

Teddy bear, Teddy bear, touch the ground,

Teddy bear, Teddy bear, turn around.

Teddy bear, Teddy bear, climb the stairs,

Teddy bear, Teddy bear, say your prayers;

Teddy bear, Teddy bear, turn off the light,

Teddy bear, Teddy bear, say goodnight!


My Teddy Bear

My Teddy Bear is a faithful friend

You can pick him up and either end

His fur is the color of breakfast toast

And he's always there

When you need him the most!


My Teddy Bear

My teddybear is soft and brown

His heart is warm and good.

No matter if I laugh or frown

I know I'm understood!


Teddy Lost His Coat

Teddy lost his coat.

Teddy lsot his hat.

Teddy lost his rubber boots.

What do you think of that?

Teddy found his coat.

Teddy found his hat.

Teddy found his rubber boots.

He'd left them on the mat!
















A Song Sung to twinkle twinkle little star:

Pick your bear up off the ground

and go dancing all around

hold him high and hold him low

twirl him fast and twirl him slow

Round and round and round you go

When you dance don’t let him go.


Five Little Bears

Five little bears were dancing on the floor

One fell down and that left four

Four little bears climbed up a tree

One found a bee hive that left three

Three little bears were wondering what to do

One chased a bunnyrabbit that left two

Two little bears were looking for some fun

One took aswim that left one

One little bear sitting all alone

He looked all around and then ran home.


Timefor Sleeping

Now, its time for sleeping

The bears go in their caves

It keeps them warm and cozy

Time for lazy days

When the snow is gone

and the sun comes out to play

The bears will wake up from their sleep

and then go on to play.




Books: Corduroy, then use bear patterhave children add brown yarn cut into small pieces to make furry, and addscrap material to make pants, or add a pocket.

Blueberries for Sal byRobert McCloskey

Bear Shadow - by Frank Asch

A Pocket for Corduroy by DonFreeman

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr.

TheBiggest Bear - by Jynd Kendall Ward

The Three Bears - by YuriSalzman

Goldie Locks and the Three bears (make into flannelstory)


Read A Story

Goldilocks And The Three Bears

Try to find acopy with big, beautiful pictures

Read the story, than do the following activities:

Sort Teddy Bears according to size

Which Teddy Bears could be the daddy bear? (The biggest bears)

Put them all in a pile.

Which bears could be the mama bear? (The medium sized bears)

Put those in a pile.

Which bears could be the baby bear? (The smallest bears)

Put them in a pile.

Count the bears in each pile

How many Large bears?

How many medium sized bears?

How many small bears?

How many bears all together?


Here is a cave.

(Bend fingers on one hand)

Inside is a bear.

(Put thumb inside fingers.)

Now he comes out

To get some fresh air.

(Pop out thumb.)


He stays out all summer

In sunshine and heat.

He hunts in the forest

For berries to eat.

(Move thumb in acircle.)


When snow starts to fall.

He hurries inside

His warm little cave

And there he will hide.

(Put thumb inside fingers.)


Snow covers the cave

Like a fluffy white rug.

Inside the bear sleeps

All cozy and snug.

(Place one hand over the other.)


Song: (great one touse sign language with)

In a house there is a room

In the room there is a bed.

On the bed there is a little teddy bear

With a very bad cold in his head.


IF that little teddy bear

uses his handkerchief with care

Soon he'll be better, and able to go out

and have no more cold in his head.



Hibernation Song (sung to the tune of"Alouette")

Hibernation, time for hibernation

Hibernation, time to go to sleep.

In the winter, where's the bear?

In his den or in his lair.

Where's the bear?

Den or lair

Oh, hibernation, time for hibernation,

Hibernation, time to go to sleep.



We talk about bears and animals and how they survive in the winter. We talk about how bears hibernate but bring it one step farther. The children make bears from lunch bags. They stuff them as full as they want, draw a face, and cut out ears and feet to put on. They then bring the bears home to"hibernate" until Spring. We make a graph for the wall as to where the bears are sleeping.


Dramatic play Pick one small bear, one medium sized bear and one large bear from the piles and tell the story of the three bears, using the stuffed bears as actors. (a baby doll can be used for Goldilocks) Have props available. (Bowls, chairs, blankets for beds) Let the owners of the bears help. Encourage them to play/act on their own during center time. If they are very good, use a camcorder and tape the performance. We had a dramatic centre set up as a bear cave during one of our bear themes. We brought in a wide variety of teddy bears and put them into the dramatic centre. A table or box draped with a brown blanket makes a fun cave. We put plexiglass on the floor and put pictures of bears under it. We also made a "fish pond" under the plexiglass (just blue papercut as perimeter of water and shapes of fish cut out of paper were placed on top of the pond) for the toy bears to try and find. The kids had TONS of fun with this idea. It was one of the most popular dramatic centres we had. We also allowed the children to bring in their own teddy bears on one day.


Related Sites:


























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I did bears with my Y1s last year - some of what we did might be useful?:


We're Going on a Bear Hunt - display - children painted people to be the family, made snowflakes, cut strips of paper for grass, collaged in blue for the river, painted a muddy puddle, a cave, a bear and some trees for the forest. I then put it up across 2 large consecutive display boards with timely captions such as 'Stumble trip, stumble trip, stumble trip'.


Same story - used for PE - children chose which actions would be appropriate for parts of the story and we all moved around the hall whilst saying the story.


Same story - role play area - V good LSA rigged up a great cave!


Where in the world is Barnaby Bear - children took turns to take one of several bears home for the weekend then tell everyone about his time spent wherever - worked particularly well with children going on holiday and taking ted, or going away for the weekend. Some parents provided photos of ted in different places. We then displayed the photos and any diary entries on a display board with maps of UK and the world.


The Teddy Bears who went to the Seaside - children drew maps of how they got there.


History - bears live in all sorts of families (different species of bear) - children tell everyone about their family. The story of how the teddy bear got its name. Parents/grandparents bring in bears they had as children - discuss similarities/differences etc.


Art - observational drawings of teddy bears - making marks to look like fur.


DT - design a chair for a bear (based on Goldilocks) then create - is it fit for the purpose etc. Evaluate.


ICT - My World: Dress teddy. Use internet to find out about different types of bears and print info to display.


PSED - Read 'Big Brother, Little Brother' discussing family units.


Have seen MD activity with EY for Goldilocks, focusing on small, medium and large bowls, spoons, chairs, beds, bears etc. Ordering and matching.


Child Ed July 1994 has a section on Bears for under fives.

Also Child Ed Special: Bears - No 40 (don't know the date - I inhereited it - it's defintely a good few years old though).


Books: (forgive me for those already mentioned)


Night Night, Cuddly Bear

Albert Le Blanc

Mr Bear's New Baby

Mr Bear Babysits

Mr Bear's Picnic

Mr Bear to the Rescue

Mr Bear's Holiday

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Can't You Sleep Little Bear

The Bears who went to the Seaside

Goldilocks & the 3 Bears

Old Bear

Winnie the Pooh


Thread Bear


Where's my Teddy?

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Hi Carol and Hali:


These ideas are not mine. I got them from the internet. I usually write at the end where I got them from, but sometimes I forget. Then I would not have taken up so much place in the post and I would have only written the web link :o , but better this than nothing. Right? I hope it is useful. I feel I have to give in return for all that I have received from all of you :D . This forum is great!


Have a nice week :) !

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Thank you sooooooooo much everyone. All of your posts will be really useful. I'm very grateful. If ever I can repay the favour just let me know. I have detailed MTP on Fairy tales, journeys and transport, Autumn, toys, summer, people who help us, colour, opposites, homes and buildings and a few more. Just let me know.

Thank you again.

Boogie :D

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Guest LucyQ

Ask the children what they know about bears and if they have any ideas of what THEY would like to do. You might be surprised then again you might get silence !!! Bliss!!

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Oh Steve :o . Yes, I think that was one about "Under the Sea"... but I think that was longer than this one :(. If I am not wrong, Sue was able to use lots of the ideas provided there.


You know what? I think I remember where I could have found those ideas: http://www.childfun.com/ :( . I hope other members can benefit from it.


I also hope the weather is better in August xD and that you can enjoy it :D .

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:o:D Hi Jackie H, Here is my weeks planning for Autumn and Diwali. I'm sorry that there is only one week! We only seem to find time to do one week based specifically on Autumn and the rest is moulded in with everything else.

Anyway, I hope you find it useful.



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Hi Boogie  :D !


I just received an e-mail from Scholastic and it has something about Bears for the start of the school year.  Maybe you can find some more ideas for your plan.


Kind regards,

SmileyPR  :)



Hi Smiley,

Thanks for thinking of me. Where can I find this information?

Boogie :)

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