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Ipad And Ways To Use It!


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I have today just received an i-pad (at school). It's the first one in the building and little me in reception gets to use it! Initially it's to be used as a 'teacher tool' and my head gave it to me as he thought it would help with evidence collection among other things.


I am really excited but today is the first time I've ever even touched one! I don't want to take the protective plastic off in case in case it gets finger prints on! ;)


Any hints where to start?! What EY 'management'/teaching stuff do you use one for? What can I do with it?!

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Lucky you!


I think an iPad as a teacher tool would be great especially with the camera directly at hand.


I will be interested to hear what suggestions come your way and how you do indeed use it!


I LOVE my iPad. Absolutely best gadget EVER!

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Thank you for the feedback!


Had already thought of the plastic screen protector thingy. It has been suggested that I make a patchwork case for it and then no one would be in any doubt that it was mine!


Have spent the evening playing so far - have learnt how to take photos and videos. Although the ones of my living room aren't the most interesting.


Touch screen technology is not a problem so far. The children were very excited when it got delivered to my classroom this afternoon - 'Awesome' was the general comment and they did ask if the head would let me download games.


I'm thinking at the moment more about how I could organise photos/videos, take notes/obs?

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Look on amazon (tecknet) for a case - got mine for the great price of £11 - had them in all colours and looks like leather- much cheaper than the £50 ones from apple! Also a camera adapter would be a good investment (again go to amazon not apple £25) but on ebay/amazon a fraction of the price,


A great little app is hlaftone - makes your observation photos into comic strip style.... there is so much out there have fun. I bought my boyfriend one for his birthday the other week - I am loving playing on it ;)

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Hi I also have one and have been given an adaptor so it will connect to the interactive whiteboard. I would be grateful of any other apps for Foundation Stage - feel in at the deep end at the moment!

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