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I'm planning to put some of our policies on the website, and wondered which ones to put on. Obviously I can't put them all on - well, I suppose I could, but I really only want the main ones. We use the PSLA ones and I have contacted the and they say it's ok, well, 'I can't see why not' was the actual reply.

So, if I'm only going to put a selection on, which do you feel they should be?

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Our website is being updated and I intend to do the same as you Cait.

We have also adapted the PLA policies to our setting.

So far I have put the list of all the policies we have with a note stating that they are available on request, either paper copy or via email.


I am thinking of placing the following policies on the website:

- the admission

- the settling in and key-person

- the safeguarding children and child protection

- the confidentiality and client access to records

- the uncollected child

- maintaining children's safety and security on premises

- achieving positive behaviour

- making a complaint

- administering medicines

- food and drink.


We are also thinking of having a 'policy of the month' to try and involve more parents to review them.


I will be looking out for the other replies you will receive.

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om goodness what a great idea i could post policies (that i give parents in hard copy) ,in an email. Save a tree and some money

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All mine are on our website apart from disciplinary & grievance which I didn't think needed to be on there. I have a second hard copy of all policies in the nursery in a ring binder which parents can borrow to read (the main copies are in the office for staff). I include a selection of policies in our parents' info brochure which I do print off and give parents - I think it's equalities, sen, complaints procedure, sickness - maybe one more.

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Behaviour management is always a good one for parents to be aware of, as I have a sentence specifically for parents/carers in social networking policy I want them to be aware of it and really like the idea of policy of the month as I don't think many really read them, in fact even the chair hadn't when something came up a couple of weeks ago to do with late collection fee :/

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i give hard copies of usual fees, absence, behaviour, complaints, key person, probably about it. But i could now deliver theses in an e mail instead

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I give out none!! Neither hard copies or via email. We have a large folder in our foyer and parents are sign posted there when they come for initial visit and again when they start. They are advised to read them as we expect everyone to comply with them & ignorance is no excuse!! hard copies are available on request, besides we cannot even get some of ours to read a short newsletter. However I have yet to find anyone actually (apart from students) going through the folder. I stopped giving them out many moons ago when the amount of them just kept creeping up and up, nobody would read them and as long as they are made freely available, then I figures that will suffice, even for the 'important' ones.

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