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I am looking at starting a mums and tots group in the village hall we use for playgroup.


Does anyone have any advice what I need to do?

Do you only run them during term time the same as playgroup or all year round?

Do you charge and if so, how much?


Thanks in advance

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I would imagine before long you'll have lots of replies full of advice, I would think first stop should be your local authority, and it will depend on how long you're planning on being open each day if over 2 hours then Ofsted will be involved I think...

Good luck, sounds like exciting times ahead!

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I don't know much about parent and toddler groups, but I do know from experience with Stay and Play groups, that they can get very full with school age children if they stay open in the holidays. Perhaps that would be good if you can plan for it.

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If you are a member of the PLA, they will also give you advice on Toddler groups.

We run one it is very popular, to the point of we may have to start a waiting list! (wish I could say the same for playgroup)

We are covered by our main insurance.

The main thing is to keep it simple, as getting the parents to help you do anything is a struggle - they have paid and are there to socialise! B)

It does act as a feeder for playgroup, so we would never stop doing ours - Good Luck

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would also think about how you would like it to run...


these days with stay and play they parents are not there just to socialise but also to play and join in with the children.. no drinks in the room,( H&S, look for a few posters on scalds to display and educate why no hot drinks, H&S trust may help. ) no adult chairs except perhaps for the few who may need it for feeding or pregnant etc.. and whoever is with the child is expected to play with them (and learn how to play with them.. )


setting it up from the start could mean that you start as you mean to continue and habits from previous parents are not following through.


charge.. you need to cover the costs of hire, and staff member, materials.. and insurance.. but PLA will often allow a toddler group to be added with no extra cost..


when there was one in our hall it was a very good feeder to preschool, and children came so much more settled as they knew the building and it was not all new to them.

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i run a mums and tots group with 3 other childminders. it would be very hard for you to do it by yourself and would suggest you get some help. We charge £1.50 thats with mums getting toast and a brew and children getting toast fruit and drink. We have a policy were adults a responsible for their hot drink. we have never had a problem with any drinks being spilled (in 8 years)but this maybe because children have their snack then they go and play while parents have theirs giving chance for parents to have a catch up while children enjoy free play. we don't open in holidays as the older children can damage the younger children's toys and want to have more physical activities than toddlers.

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