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Our current topic in reception is Space! We are mid way through our topic and in 2 weeks time we are going to spend a week learning about the planets. (we have looked at stars, aliens and space transport so far)

I am being observed and i wondered if anyone has any good ideas linked to planets? It is the last observation of the academic year so i have been told it can be on any curriculum area!


If you have any ideas please let me know :)



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We looked at planets in preschool a few years ago and used lots of different painting techniques to make the different 'looks'. We scraped paint across a cut-out circle onto card below to make one, did a print with a balloon for another, did one on the computer in a paint programme - that was neptune I remember, they drew a circle and then scribbled lines across it and filled each bit with different shades of blue. Can't remember others offhand, but I'll look to see if I have pictures.



There we are.

We also talked about distances and they were fascinated by those. If the children are 'with you' with it, then you can run with it!













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Thank you Cait! The pictures are lovely, i will be inputting these ideas into my planning! These would be lovely to have going on as enhanced provisions too, my TA and children would love experimenting.


Any other ideas everyone? Thanks!

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Oh and we ate 'space food' - dried fruit and things like that - we particularly loved the dried strawberries!


Some 'movement and music' to the Planets Suite by Holst


And huge fun with a tank of water, The challenge was to make a spaceman, made with a cork for body and head and cocktail stick arms and legs, bob along the bottom of the tank. We used plasticine blobs on his feet to weigh him down - but it was tremendous fun getting it just right.


Lots of spaceship junk models, with children co-operating with each other to hold things whilst the owner stuck or painted (masking tape was best to stick with as it can be painted over)


I got a spaceman Action Man from Ebay, oh and an orrery.


We painted lots of pictures of spacemen and there was a lot of amusement about 'poo tubes' (defecation is always hilarious to a 4 year old!)


I'll keep thinking

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