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Going On A Bear Hunt


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If you do a search I am sure there is more on here about this one, it often comes up.


but we did the acting out the story, so it was more of a rhyme than a book, and lots of physical activities and movement for this..


we made a bear cave in a corner out of dark fabric and had lots of fun in the cave.. ( we had older children so someone in a furry coat was in there and moved in the dark.. - they loved it but would not do this with younger ones who could be scared of the dark and things in it..but as it related to the story ours loved it) spent ages in the cave doing things, hiding items to find, torches etc etc.


texture walk.. we had lots of textured items to walk through barefoot, mud, leaves, sand, ending in water to wash the feet at the end.. cannot remember all we had but it was about 6/8 items..


also followed up with the second book in the series.. The Bear in a Cave... would suggest getting the one with the cd as it does have a need to be read in a particular way , until I read it correctly the staff thought it was an awful book, once they realised they loved it..

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