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I'm In A Bit Of A Muddle!


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Hi I am in a muddle. Not sur if it is to do with the new site (though I love the new look so thank you ). I ws looking for information on Narrative observation. When I typed it into the search box of the forum and resourcces it came up with no entries. However there was a document sent as an attachment to my query. Why did it not show up, what am I doing wrong. :(

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Hm, lots of folk read and no-one has replied. I tried a search too, but it didn't turn anything up. I would have thought there would have been some discussion on narrative obs. What kind of thing are you looking for - I may have something that could help

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think it has something to do with where you are when you enter the words for search.. lots popped up when I did a search from the forum index page, but when on another one I got nothing... vaguely remember reading a post about it from Steve


found the reply Steve gave...

"if you think of that initial search box as a 'quick search' where you just want to type in a word or words and look in all forums that is the best way to think of it. If you want to do something more advanced all your old search options are available as well. Just click on the magnifying glass with the search box empty and you'll be taken to a screen where you can filter by 'specific words only' and all the other old options, plus quite a few new ones (you're not restricted to the forum area, for example, you can include or exclude resource library items, blogs and so on..".

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Where did you ask it to search? I think if you're viewing a topic then the search default is just to search that particular topic. It shows on the right of the search box where exactly you're searching. If you want to search the whole forum then you can select that by clicking on it to bring up the options. Probably if you are on the forum index page it will search all forums as a default.

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