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Does anybody have a policy or a written expectation that can be given to parents about posting things about the pre-school on Facebook etc, I suppose like a code of conduct. One of our parents recently wrote something very negative about the pre-school in the heat of the moment, when she was not coping with her child. I spoke to her straight away and she apologised and the matter was resolved and the content removed from the website. But it could really have had a negative knock on effect to anyone reading it who does not know us or that particular situation. I brought up that we respect families confidetiality but it has too be a two way respect.

Would love to hear your points of view on this and would be interested in looking at a policy if anyone has one.

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It's actually one for staff, but you may be able to amend it


Professional Conduct


We recognise that practitioners and their managers will use online and digital technologies in their personal and social lives. We do not seek to prevent any practitioner or manager from accessing online technologies however we do ask them to sign a voluntary Professional Conduct Agreement to ensure there is no confusion between their home and professional roles.


Name of practitioner/manager:

I agree that through my recreational use of social networking sites or other online technologies that I will:

· not bring the early years setting into disrepute.

· observe confidentiality and refrain from discussing any issues relating to work, children and young people or parents/carers.

· not share or post, in an open forum, any information that I would not want children and young people, parents/carers or colleagues to view.

· set privacy settings to block unauthorised access to my page and to restrict those who are able to receive updates.

· keep my professional and personal life separate, and will not accept children and young people and parents/carers as ‘friends’.

· consider how my social conduct may be perceived by others and how this could affect my own reputation and that of the early years setting.

· either avoid using a profile photograph or ensure it is respectable, and an image I would be happy to share with anyone.

· report any known breaches of the above.

I understand that the completion of this form is optional. However, I voluntarily choose to complete it to safeguard my own professional reputation and that of the early years setting. I understand I am in a position of trust and my actions outside of my professional environment could be misinterpreted by others, and I am conscious of this when sharing information publicly with others.

Signature: Date:

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We have recently had a problem with a member of staff posting on facebook. I would like to take a copy of your Professional Conduct Agreementto our Headteacher to see if we can use something similar. Thanks!

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