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Hi All, I am sure it is on here somewhere so apologies for not finding it but can i just ask others how you record incidents - my previous setting we had forms specifically for when another child really hurt another intentionally e,g- biting , aggressive behaviour punching etc

parent were then asked to sign after being informed and for the other child who was the receiver (for want of better word) an accident form was filled out.

my staff were never made aware of this and only filled out an accident form - we have seperate incident forms for safeguarding - just wondered how other did it and what you perceive to be correct procedure



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We have the same...

I'd like to ask a related question...if a child hurts another child, both parents collect their children at the same time and you need to get both incident and accident forms signed - just out of interest how do others manage this?


I find its hectic enough at home time without having to free up 2 staff - one to catch one parent and one to catch the other and them not to be within hearing distance.... the other option is to catch one parent, on the way in and one on the way out...or to ask one to stay behind...but really it is so awkward trying to maintain confidentiality.


Do others have this issue or is it just me?


...and forgot to add where does this leave ratios if 2 staff are dealing with parents and no longer 'working directly with the children' ! Technically a 'no-no'!

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yes we also record both ...we use very simple duplicate books(numbered pages) then we have a record for ourselves and one for the parent as they get the torn out top sheet. We use the same format for accidents and prior incidents. Works well for us.


Going to pinch the idea of a duplicate book!


We've got an exercise book that old manager had hardly any records in as she wouldn't let us record stuff - didn't help the children or us though so that has changed very quickly. We put date, child's name, time of incident, narrative of antecedent, behaviour & consequence, staff member signs it & collecting adult signs it (assuming this isn't going to exacerbate a situation, in which case we say 'oh, we needed to catch Johnnie's mum, we'll see her tomorrow').


I've got a situation that's made me re-think how we tell the adult though - one little boy has been pushing for ever (but not previously recorded) & a child he's been targeting has started biting him. So we'd had bitten boy's collecting adult come in & sign accident book, & biting boy's adult come & sign incident book. Another parent with super long ears heard the staff member saying quietly to biting boy's mum about coming in & has been saying stuff in the queue to get kids :-(.


So I've said we'll phone biting boy's mum to let her know if he's bitten so she can come in early & avoid people knowing anything.

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