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Hi wise ones we are going to be exploring Africa next term following on from an interest in wild animals. Does anybody know of a simple drum that can be made using recycled materials, to then be used for rhythmn and movement with them. Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated. :o

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first instinct, as I am sure would be yours - a bowl/stiff cardboard box, couple of layers of good tracing paper, and elastic bands to keep the tracing paper on. Will have a think, and if I have a good think, and think I've come up with something, will come back! :o



Found this one!


Empty tin can with lid removed (baby milk size or bigger catering sized tin of beans, Pannetone tin.

brown wrapping paper, white paper, paper paste, masking tape, foil tissue paper or children's old drawings, collage materials, paint, paintbrushes, saucepan lid, larger than tin, scissors.


Place saucepan lid on wrapping paper and trace around it. Trace about eight more circles and cut them out.


Place circle of paper over open end of can. Fold paper around sides of can and tape into place.


Brtush paper paste onto paper top and place another circle of paper on top and tape into place around sides of can. Repeat unitl top is strong (usually 8 or 9 layers). Allow to dry.


Cover can with white paper and secure with tape. Decorate with collage materials foil or paint.

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if you want to make it more child friendly , old cake , sweet tins with lids , wooden spoons and hands,experiment different sounds by adding different materials inside, blanket or heavy material will dullen sound , I use drums often and find children benefit more when they are involved creating the sound, also if you have any of the thicl plastic stepping stones which are attached by rope, these also make great drums, i was able to get several children first time drumming in sequence and it was fab especially as they were aged 2. 5 and 3 yrs.

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Great ideas already thank you so much.

I had already thought of the baby milk tins, but think i might have to save these over a longer period of time.

I had found the paper cup idea but thought it might be a bit fiddly for my under threes.

We do belong to a recycling centre so i know where i will be going this week.

I do already have some african drums, but thought it might be rather fun to make our own.

Keep your ideas coming,

Thanks everyone. :o

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