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Hi there

My daughter has just been diagnosed with coeliac disease (amongst other things!). She loves bread and we tend to make our bread in a breadmaker. Anyone got a really easy and nice (!!) gluten free bread recipe i can try to cheer her up?


Ditto, pizza bases, Id love to treat her to pizza!

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As a fellow sufferer she has my sympathy!


Shop bought bread - she needs to go for Genius seeded (others aren't so nice) which has the texture of real bread. If she likes a 'granary' style roll, she can use Dietary Specials Ciabatta rolls, which are reasonably good.


If she's diagnosed, she should be able to get pizza bases on prescription, get the Juvela ones, they're best. Alternatively, she can buy frozen Dietary Specials pizzas in some supermarkets. Genius also do frozen pizza and they are very acceptable!


She'll also get white and fibre flour on prescription too, and you can make really good bread yourself in a breadmaker with these - I half and half the white and fibre, I use Juvela again, but other makes are available - it's just what you get used to.


It's a different style of baking some things, I make breadrolls for lunches and it's more of a better than a dough, like a cake-mix texture. You can bake it in a loaf tin or in yorkshire pudding tins (4 hole tray)


Anything else - please just shout!


Coeliac uk has lots of helpful links too


Quick edit to say that Sainsburys has a great range, Tesco, Asda and Morrisons etc have a 'Free From' range

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Yes, it certainly can be. Happy to share my bread roll recipe when she's sorted with some stuff.


Some breadmakers come with a GF recipe, and there's also some on the boxes of Juvela/Glutafin flour

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