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I am hoping some of you lovely people can help me out please????


Tomorrow - been given very short notice. I need to explain to parents why we are doing phase one of letters and sounds. It is not enough for them to just be told we are. They want to know why and despite explaining that the purpose is to develop childre's listening skills they are not convinced that us changing the small group times is to benefit there child.


I am especially struggling to get this past the committee grrr.


We have 6 children out of 20 with delayed speech and language hence why without a doubt we need set times during the day to spend 5 to 10mins focusing on developing letters and sounds.


Any help would be appreciated please.

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Can't lots of phase one be done as part of the natural course of your day rather than time out or little groups?


Isn't it more about the foundation skills rather than time aside for letters and sounds? That sounds very formal.


Are these groups going to meet individuals needs or just tick off boxes to say its been done?


The children with delayed speech, won't they have specific SALT targets?


I hope your meeting goes well. Sorry if I sound short about this but I do alot of letters and sounds in circle time and I think perhaps how I have read it makes it sound too formal for nursery.

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I agree with scarlettangel L&S happens through out the morning


our L&S takes place during the morning and as part of a fun 'magic bag' at story time


that incorporates, listening, speaking, matching sounds and turn taking as a bonus :)

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The activities are done through the daily routine.


We do plan for individual children throughout the session however small group time is just 5 to 10 mins with the child's key worker and due to our room set up and age of the children it is difficult to do letters and sounds as a large group activity.


Plus the fact that a large chunk of the children are struggling in listening skills at the moment for one reason. Smaller groups allow us to develop skills such as sharing too which is another huge issue at the moment.


The parents like the idea of small group time and come September this may change.

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