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I'm showing everyone this guys work. Incredible is the only word I can find for it. I saw some of Leonardo Da Vinci's works yesterday and while they're very good these, (people in the art world are dropping as I type xD) I think these are better. Mark Powell, artist

I just keep going back to them. Enjoy :o

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Da Vinci, 'very good'???????????????????? No-one comes close to Da Vinci, he was a master of his art and there is no comparison in my book. That said, the biro drawings are fabulous, but not in the same ball park for me........but then, I can't even draw stick man!

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I understand your sentiments, narnia. However, these have more of an element of 'humanity', I feel - as bridger observed 'their lives almost etched into their faces'.


Glad you remembered and found them, Rea. And shared here!


Sue xx


PS - what a fab day! Thanks again - and your favourite painting is now certainly one of mine :o

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Sue, when I went to see the Da Vinci exhibition, I was reduced to tears by some of the work. I think the biro drawings are brilliant,but a very different league from Da Vinci's work, but DV's work sent shivers down my spine and I have never been 'touched' by an artists work in that way before. I am often left in awe by our children's drawings and paintings; the freedom of movement, restraint and lack of inhibition is fabulous and I wish we kept that as adults............and that was what i felt about Da Vinci, all life laid bare and with a freedom I can only admire and gasp at. I certainly wouldn't wish to offend Rea with my comment, and I guess art is after all, subjective, that's why it stirs up such emotion in us? ( Music is the same: marillion leave me with a feel good feeling that would leave others cold, or indifferent.............but I still love 'em! :) )

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Narnia I'm absolutely certain neither Sue nor I would think you were offending. I knew some people would be amazed to think I didnt see Da Vinci as the best. :o


I would never expect anyone to like my art, music, drama, I liked what I saw of Da Vinic's work but I still thought I could do the same, whereas Mark Powell, though, I thought I would never be able to do that.

I'm going to buy a pad and some pencils!

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