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My 15 year old daughter has a 'friend' who is at present living with foster parents (real mum only 14 when she had him), they are all going out in about a weeks time to an under 17 night at a local club and my daughter has asked if I could drop him home afterwards to his real mum's. Now I haven't met either parents (foster or otherwise) and my daughter doesn't understand why i am hesitating with this request! Obviously my line of work makes me more aware of legal responsibilities etc and if I wasn't in Early Years would probably not given it a second thought!! So what would you do?



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i would ask my daughter to get phone number of friends foster parents , they have responsibility after all so you can check , just explain to your daughter why and that you would do this with anyone as i would , even now if my daughter who is 17 goes to stay at anyone house I have not met etc i still make sure of emergency numbers etc , she respects that and never feels I should not do it , i don't make a fuss but explain it as matter of course just in case.

Have you met the friend ? you could explain it to them directly then.

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I wouldnt drop the lad at his mom's. You dont know the real in's and out's of why he's in care and there could be all sorts of conditions surrounding when, where and how often he see's her.

You would need to speak to the foster carer :o

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I think you're right to be concerned, however have you asked your daughter the situation with his real mum? It might be that he sees her all the time and that this is just one of the days he's usually there. Failing that, or if she can't allay your concerns, I would ring the foster parents.

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