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Joining The Fsf As A Setting


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Is there any way of joining the forum as a setting? I seem to be spending a lot of time passing info I have found here onto my colleagues. I just wondering if there was a subscription whereby they could log on with a setting log in rather than as an individual?

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Hi Max -

There's nothing to stop you sharing your log in details with your colleagues. However, of course if they wanted to reply they would be replying as you which could get confusing. They also will not get notifications, newsletters and other FSF communications which would all still come to your email address.


If you wanted them to have a generic setting account which they could share, you would need to set up a new account ('max's setting' or whatever), and they could each log in and read from home or from your setting. They could also post (but obviously their posts would all look as though they came from one person, so they wouldn't really be able to develop a distinct identity within the community).


So they are really your options. Hope that answers your question - the only really perfect solution is to have an account for each person, but obviously that costs more if you're paying individual subscriptions. Unfortunately the LA scheme doesn't help you as Somerset don't subscribe to that.

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My colleagues were interested in doing this too, a few years back. I opened a second account for them to browse a bit and add comments when they were online but after an initial flurry they have reverted to preferring that I do all the 'surfing' and provide them with pertinent information. It's a shame really, I keep telling them what a great resource it is and they nod and agree and say 'I really must go online again'. They have those fancy phones on facebook all the time but never actually seem to use the internet - if that makes sense.


Still, it's there if they want it

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