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Hi all

Well before I contact ACAS (again!) just wondered what you thought of my situation.


A relief staff member didnt turn up for his morning shift 2 weeks ago (he had been given a copy of the rota before hand, manager had even text him to remind him and he replied saying ok). There was no contact from him as to why he did not turn up. Manager has tried mobile phone, home number (lives with his brothers- left message), plus also called his mum and dad (he is 17yrs). Messages left to call asap. Still nothing.


As chair I wrote a letter and delivered it asking if there was some reason for this could he please contact me in confidence asap, . This was last week and still no reply.


Where do i go from here? I presume I can start disciplinary? I have made every effort to contact him, given him opportunities to explain etc. I am thinking that I write to inform him of a meeting to discuss disciplinary? What if he doesnt turn up? Do I just take it to the next stage etc?


What do you think?

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I think I'd be inclined to just forget about him as a relief staff member as he's unreliable. To be honest - would you trust him again?


I wouldn't bother going down the disciplinary route, I'd just write and say that I wouldn't be considering him for future relief shifts, as he obviously has no interest in this post any more and wish him well for the future

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I too would go down the route of not giving any shifts , giving the reason that you need reliable staff and as you have not been able to contact him despite all effort you find it unfortunate that you are unable to offer any more.


he is relief not full time so no guarantee of work ..not sure I would trust him again either

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Wow! Thats all very interesting. I too feel that we cannot depend on him so have cancelled his safeguarding course and got manager to give any shifts for next month to someone else.

I wasnt sure if I could go down the dont bother coming back route!!!

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