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Help need your advice!

We are hoping to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee later this year with the children.

My dilemma is we presently have over 60 children on our register spread out throughout the week with children attending a variety of sessions, but are only registered for 30 at each session.

Has anyone had the same situation and how did you do it.

Will Ofsted allow you to do one off events for days like these if you contact them? obviously checking with our Insurers too and having all staff in.

Thoughts anyone?

Oops i have realised i have posted this in the wrong section could someone move this for me please.

Many Thanks


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As above, really, but had you thought about making this celebration, non-nursery? A day when you are officially shut - perhaps holding party off your premises in a local park maybe, a big day for you and all or any parent/carers to come along to with their child, for whom they would be responsible! Paying staff is a bit of nightmare, but if parents/carers are there, not so many staff would HAVE to attend and perhaps they might want to give their time or some of it. We do this for our annual picnic some staff come for just an hour or so, while others come for several. I do do a risk assessment of the venue and make sure there are toilets, even a cafe etc. Have to say the majority of our parents come along and bring g.parents etc. too.

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we always did same as panders.. off site party in the park, all invited and we always had a huge turn out of parents with children, many dads took time off to come too, staff came and went as they could, but most stayed all the time, we paid for 2 hours but many stayed longer as did the families..


I used to take the parachute and have parents and children join in with us (actually more parents than children liked that one!)


all took a picnic all together a good day out.. we sometimes had it in fancy dress, that was fun too for those who wanted to dress up, a raffle or tombola and face painting


surprisingly in 15 years I never had a bad weather day, but we planned to move it to the hall if it was..


or we also had a local farm attraction we went to for same thing and they had the large barns.

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