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Our children are really into animals at the moment- all types- pets, tigers, minibeasts, dinosaurs.

We have decided to spend some time looking at each of these and would like to make our role play area into a vets.


Has anyone got any ideas for activities would could do or any ideas for the vets?



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Nothing to do with role play, but we had a great learning wall about cats a year or two back. We started by writing down what we already knew and then children drew pictures, cut pictures out of magazines, brought photographs and information in from home and we added our learning to the wall as we went along - I'd expected to look at dogs next, but children moved it on to big cats and we found out loads about pumas, lions, tigers etc - then following excitement about sharp teeth we went to sharks! It was all great fun and because children instigated it all, they remembered an amazing amount of information

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