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Letters And Sounds Phase One


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I am working in pre-school and really want to get more done on letters and sounds. i brought our letters and sounds pack home this weekend and have scanned it and i like some of the activities. I just want to check if i am understanding this correctly.


we work through each aspect ? - how do we know when children are ready to move on? - is it just in knowing your children? - how long would you spend on each aspect (a week?, do you do it each day?)


Aspect 7 - would you expect to achive this in pre-school?


do you do your letters and sounds activities in small groups, i know it suggest this.


do they progress through each aspect in order, or will they master some quicker than others (i guess if this is the case then you would just revisit areas that needed building on.


does anyone track where their children are up to in phase one?, if so what format do you use?


any help on letters and sounds phase one would be really appreciated, i am anxious to do it, but don't want to do it wrong.





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I've posted my L&S group sheets on here before; not that it's necessarily the right way, it's just the way it's evolved for me.


I start of with the first aspect because it's necessary that they learn about listening and differentiating sounds round them. The intention is to work through to aspect 7, but in practice we sometimes find ourselves jumping about as things naturally occur - for instance we're doing quite a lot of phonic stuff at the moment which has cropped up quite spontaneously.


I do keep track of where children 'are', just to see who has 'got it' and who needs some more practice, time or support with something.


If you've read your book, I don't think that there's much chance you'll do it 'wrong', Phase one is almost all what you would be doing anyway in Preschool, it just makes it more obvious and easy to track progress.


Edit to add - Shout if you cant find stuff - a search for 'letters and sounds' will turn up a lot of stuff as there have been many discussions on it

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Hi Dawn

We used to plan one aspect per week, making sure we covered the 3 strands, (tuning into sounds; listening and remembering sounds; talking about sounds). It isn't hierarchical, except that I would leave aspect 7 to later on, but the other aspects we mixed up a bit to add variety.

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We same as Cait and jump about a bit depending on the children and yes it is i feel about knowing your children, I have justed started phonic sounds with my oldest children but a couple are not quiet ready yet


I also think revist too they as you say are fun activities,


also on my L&S planning i have singing nursery ryhmes and we have 2 big group sing song sessions a week instead of story


and L&S happen all the time in yr setting ...you know crunching on the leaves ouside splashing in the water and weeee down the slide (not literally)

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Mine surprised me today - gobsmacked would be closer! I made up some letter sound cards as we're looking the The Gruffalo at the moment as they enjoyed watching it at Christmas. So we've got pictures of things that start with a 'g' sound and a bag with a picture of a Gruffalo on, 's' pictures and bag with a snake on etc. They turn the pictures over and sort them into the appropriate bags and a few of them are really good at it now. Anyway, today I went over and they'd set them face down and were playing a matching pairs game with them "that's a glove and a goat, g words, yes that's right' I think it would be fair to say they've got the idea!

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How great!


I wanted to pick up on aspect 6 and 7 which are crucial if children are to get off to a good paced start in reception to succeed in phase 2 and 3 by the end of the year, so yes I would expect children to be reasonably confident with those skills by the end of nursery.



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