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I'm a director of my preschool as well a senior staff member; one of the other directors was the manager.


I say was because she passed away 2 weeks ago. So now the rest of the directors are trying to sort out the masses of stuff we have to sort out...


So I thought it could be worth having a thread of tips that could help committee members/trustees/directors know some of the stuff that's needed, stuff that would have helped us if we'd had it to hand...


Charities Commission & Companies House - have the details of how you log onto their system, the log-in, password & security codes known to more than one person, have them written down clearly so you know what log-in details you're looking at and locked away with director's stuff (I'm going to put directors as it's shorter than putting committee/trustee/director, but what you are called will vary according to the set up of your setting...)


Make yourselves known as directors etc to the staff and make sure they know that it is your preschool that they do the day-to-day running of - the manager had told the other staff that she was the ultimate authority, she just ran things by the directors as a courtesy. So they were taken aback to find the directors insisting on coming in the office to sort things out.

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Dear Lyanne,

Firstly i am so sorry for your loss...very difficult to loose a colleague especially at this time of year :o


in response to your thread ..this is something that we have spoken about recently with my administrator. I realised that as she works from home(and my laptop is based at my home too) that if something happened to either of us we would be unable to gain access to the information required...she keeps all the wage info and all the staff records!! So we now have each others passwords for our laptops which we keep on file for emergencies.

Our trustees are now set up so that 2 of them have the bank info (we always have at least 3 signatories as we need 2 on the cheques) that way someone can always get in touch with the bank (we do phone banking so they need passwords for that too!). Most other information is known by more than one person.

Hope this helps!


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Thank you, finleysmaid and Bridger, it is very sad. Unfortunately, there's been so much to do, that it's been hard for us to grieve for her. The funeral's tomorrow, so hopefully that will start to give us more closure.

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