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Christmas Board Games

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Depending on the age group. My grandchildren 5,7, and 9 love Guess who, there are many versions around. They have a Ben 10 one but unless you know all the characters its hard. They have operation and the older two play this on there own.

They also area able to play Logo a adult game where you have to guess what the Logo is but we play thos at Christmas in teams.

We love board games in our house and have to ahve a new one each christmas!

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A really simple idea is to draw 2 or 3 railway type tracks on a large sheet of paper - divide each track into the required amount of squares and leave a border at the top.


On the 'border' I stick/draw 3 pictures of Christmassy things - same picture per track. For example - you could put 3 sleighs and have 3 reindeer as the counters which reindeer will get to their sleigh first.

Can also use 'mini me sticks', lolly stick with child's photo stuck on - draw 1 gift at the top of each track - which child will reach their present first? Lots of ideas flood out once you start thinking - ask the children too!



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Thank you smiles, the children I was planning for are pre school age, they are really keen on board games. Thank you Smiles and Jennim that has certainly got my mind thinking. I know there is also stuff that can be pre printed. I was thinking more about games you can buy. You have got my creative fingers itching. :o

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