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I am currently running a social communication group for a downsyndrome child in my class, he is 4 but working with 22-36 months. I have had SEN inclusion service out to show us how a group session works and provide us with a few games but I would like to add more games so that we are offering more variety to him. Currently the games activities we do in this group are.....

1. Balloon game - child chooses a balloon colour and we then pump it up. They have to say bigger or stop to instruct us to pump or stop. The child then gets to hold the balloon and we count from 5 to 0 and they let it go.

2. Choosing box - in a plastic box are a selection of exciting toys. Each child can choose one when it is their turn and then play with it until the song we sing finishes. They then put it in the box and it is another child's turn.

3. Nursery rhymes - the child chooses a rhyme picture, we sing the rhyme and then the picture goes back on the board.

4. Ball rolling - all 4 children sit in a circle and they have to name the child they wan tto roll the ball to before they then roll it to them.

5. Monster box - when it is the child's turn they have to listen to the pictures that the teacher asks them to post in the monster box. It will be either 2 or more pictures depending on ability.


They are very basic games that focus on the conventions of social development - using names, eye contact, taking turns, following instructions.


I would love some more ideas if anyone has any.


Thanks in advance

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Not sure if this is what you mean but....... how about adapting the letter and sounds phase one activity called silly soup! You could have a bowl and a spoon, the children could take it in turns to stir the soup and put different objects in or out! Maybe another way of choosing songs or choosing animals and making the animal sounds??x


Ths song goes: I'm making lots of silly soup, I'm making soup thats silly, I'm going to put it in the fridge and make it nice a chilly! In goes a......

(tune of pop goes the weasal)


Sorry if you already know it but others may not :)

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we used to do one using skittles.. pictures underneath.. take turns to knock one or more down then tell us what the picture is.. this can be differentiated by the picture as to the need...


I used to have a puppet which asked for items from a selection on the table ... or anything really.. and they had to take turns for find tell me what it was and give it to the puppet... mine was a very noisy parrot who tended to grab the item... worked for that group but another had a gentle boy puppet... it was easy to make changes as needed..


magnetic fishing game.. we made our own with magnets and paper clips on pictures or items - pick up the picture and tell me about it..


all variations on a theme...


also had a chair with a teddy.. or ball or some item..follow instructions.. can you put the teddy 'under' the chair, 'on', 'next to', 'behind' etc.. could be a box on the side to include' in'


cannot think of the others will return if I do..

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does anyone have the words/tune to the welcome song/goodbye song quite often sung in these groups?

The tune we sing it to is Nice One Cyril


Hello Billy, Hello Billy

Hello Billy, Billy say.....hello.


then...goodbye Billy, etc . Hope thats the one your thinking of?

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