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Hi Kristina

I did the Foundation Degree and the BA Honours and bought every book on the reading lists over the three years, and as you can imagine i dont need them anymore.

I want to sell them altogether and looking around £300 which is really a fraction of what i paid. They are all like new and definately all you would ever need throughout your studies


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I'm still waiting on my reading list but units we are covering are:


Intro to Early Years

Working with other Professionals

Developing Curriculum Practice

Relating to & liaising with Parents

Personal & Professional Development

Supporting Children's Participation

Research into Practice

Child Protection

Cognitive Development of Children

Personal, Social and Emotional Development of Children

Working with Groups of Children



:o Scaring myself now!!



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I have just finished my foundation degree and am thinking of getting rid of some of my books. Are we allowed to advertise them on here or is it better to do it through pm. I am in leicester so it would mean posting the books.



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Hi klc106 -

We have no problem advertising things you no longer need for sale so go ahead. It's only people selling commercially (ie as part of a business) that we can't allow as it does choke up the forums and has led in the past to all sorts of shenanigans...

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