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Hi all,


How long is your staff notice period?


We don't seem to lose staff frequently, but over the last few years we've had staff either move away or retire. Each time it's been a nightmare trying to replace the staff member within the 4 week notice period that we have. I was just wondering if 4 weeks for a notice period is the general length or time or do you guys have a longer time frame in place for staff leavers?


Thanks in advance.



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always been half a term for us too. It's also quite precise in that notice has to be given before the start of the half term in which you wish to leave. If I wanted to leave at October half term I would have to hand my notice in the day befoe we go back in September!

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Ours is 4 weeks, but we are all year round and not term time only.


It is a nightmare though, especially if the person you employ then has to work 4 plus weeks notice so there will in all likelihood be a period of time when you have no cover!

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Thanks for your replies, it's nice to see how others operate because when I approached our HR department about this issue they seemed to think that the unions wouldn't allow us to increase our notice period to 6 weeks. :o

We are a day nursery provision in an FE college, running all year round and 4 weeks just isn't long enough to find someone. We usually have to use our relief members of staff to the max and sometimes full time practitioners work additional hours to cover.

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Ours was 6 working weeks..

so being term time only if they gave notice before a holiday or break it did not count - was lucky in that staff didn't leave because of issues and were always happy to do this... if we could we would be flexible..


as most staff were also part time they usually added hours until we found someone to fill the post...


I believed it was ok so long as set out in contract at beginning of employment.. changing it can be difficult once employed but apparently so long as you give sufficient notice and discuss you can change it.. Husband in an issue recently about changing his contract and all they had to do was give notice of one week for every year of employment before changing it... not as hard as I thought... he went through acas and other sources and asked..


that said not much you can do if they decide to just walk... no rights for employer unless it arises in references needed... he asked that one too!

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