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Leavers Graduation!


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Should have been such a happy memorable day but feel like I've had the day from hell!!

Had a call this morning from a future parent who shouted and complained for 20 minutes on the phone, child was due to start 2 days a week in March this year, mum rang week before and changed to 1 day a week then on start day mum called and said wanted September instead! All paperwork in place etc for this child but grinned and beared it! Then called after Easter saying she now didn't want September but Easter 2012 when child is funded (typical scenario!), told mum she would need to complete a new application form as old one had so many changes on it! Never received back new application so took it she wasn't coming after previous changes of mind, now wants to know why her child hasn't got 15 hours from Easter as that is her childs leagl right!! Have explained that all I have left is 1 morning and 2 afternoons, apparently she sent form back (Inever received it) and I should have called her to ask where form was and I should have automaticaly saved her child 15 hours from easter!!

We had our graduation ceremony today all the parents/grandparents cames and stayed for drinks and cakes, unfortunatly a parent popped in to chat about her child's statement and I missed saying goodbye to all my leavers as when I came out they had all gone!!


Really not a good day!!



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Oh Kristina i so feel for you.

We had very similar, September intake have visited pre-school for four weeks, our last week is supposed to be a special time for staff and children with no expected visitors.

One mum brings her forms back at our concert and wonders why she has to be patient and wait for me to go though it with her, one mum hasn't even returned them, many texts and emails later has just replied today to say she will pop them through my administrators home. Oh no you won't you will post them to the Pre-school like everyone else.

Have to say we do update our waiting list regularly, giving a call before offering places.

Lets hope they all come back to see you in their school uniforms like ours do.

Have a good break. :o

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It wouldn't be so bad Bridger apart from the fact twice the child has been due to start and everything put in place and twice mum has called on the actual start day & cancelled saying she wants to delay her child starting! When I mentioned this mum said previous start days had only been provisional as far as she was concerned!! With hindsight wish I had said that I thought Easter was only provisional!!



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Oh kristina what a rubbish day you have had! Do you know, for some parents we just can't be flexible enough, if you can bear the loss of the business I wouldn't be anymore helpful than you need to be to this parent and hopefully she will go elsewhere.


As for the children, how sad to have missed their goodbyes, I would be truly gutted if that were me, we do get another opportunity, we invite back for lunch all those who have left before they start full time school in September. it is an exceedingly noisy lunch, but we love it, perhaps you could arrange this over the holidays?


We had a leavers outing today, we took them all bowling plus a hot lunch on the nursery budget, parents came too and I was amazed at how many parents allowed their children to have chocolate bars during the morning, some brought picnics with them too - sometimes it doesn't matter how often we inform parents what is happening and when they just don't read it, listen to it or take any notice of it!


Big hugs on their way and as suggested a glass of something nice and a good hot bubbly bath, should make you feel better quite quickly.

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Forgot to also mention that when I returned home from work the dog had shredded my daughters beanbag and it was like santa's grotto in my living room!! xD




Well not such a bad day after all then, at least you're smiling now. :o

Dont forget the old adage 'you can please some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time'.


You'll have to change things for next year. Put a 'closed' notice on the door at next years graduation, shut the curtains and take the phone off the hook.

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