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Planning A New Day Nursery


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It looks like our dream of expanding to a day nursery may happen! Incredibly exciting, so now we are in the process of putting together a wish list for what we would like in a brand new purpose built building!


Top of our list is air con! What would your must haves be? and if you have built a nursery from scratch what must have things did you do or wish you had done?!



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bizarre but the first thing i had on my list was a dishwasher... i guess 12 years of washing up must have driven me round the bend! but i will have one in place in the new building so very excited. The other thing was free flow play which i've also managed to achieve :o

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I'm envisaging floor to ceiling windows leading on to the outdoor area! I've promised one member of staff her digging area and veggie plot. I'm planning on visiting lots of nurseries over the summer hols to pinch ideas!


Fingers crossed it all happens, we are incredibly lucky to have got in contact with the developers to a new estate that are building hundreds of houses and a new school. We are in talks for them to be our investors. We are hoping to be near the new school so we can do before and after school club too. A dream come true for my mum who started pre-school at home 25 years ago!

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I would not only have windows at the child's height but little doors as well.

We just unpacked a lot of new furniture for our 2-3 year olds room........all from community playthings : )

A staff room! (we don't have one despite being a new nursery)

Veg plot for sure and not all rubber flooring or wet pour - whatever it's called!

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A covered deck area is great to allow for free flow play.


Wet room floor area for water play .


Lots of low cabinets for self selecting.


Designated coat peg area.


Under floor heating.


Nappy changing area with ladder.


What fun you will have making your wish list.

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What an exciting time for you and your children.


Why not asking the children for their ideas. We received some very interesting ones and also good constructive ideas. But totally understanding the need for appliances ask for a laundry room, milk kitchen, pram storage, sensory room get what you can. x

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We are a preschool which is finally moving into our new purpose built building over the holidays,


Our wish list was:


Lots of light, child accessible storage


kitchen with cooker ( to be able to caqrry out cooking activities with kids)


enough coat pegs at childs height or the children


a secure and stimulating outdooor area for free flow


veg patch


office space


cosy corner ( which I have ready and waiting to be built with airy lights and loads of organza to make it lnviting


oh and not forgetting the interactive smart board that was way down on my list but was a nice surprise from ourt head teacher!



We are lucky enough to have all of this according to plans!!!! and more as we have been lucky enough to have money to replace all furniture with lovely beechwood stuff and money for some new toys and equipment. to say I am a little excited is an understatement!!! . Hope you get what you want x

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One thing I was really pleased with when we got our new building was a small section of outdoor area that goes up the side of the building - it isn't used as part of the outdoor area but has a window looking out onto it and so is perfect for our bird table and feeders. Lots of birds now come and the children really enjoy bird spotting.

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