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I have a Mum who is hoping to return to work and would like to gain Level 3 qualification - our LA has stopped all funding can anyone recommend a private provider that may have funding options please? I am based in Worcestershire.

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No can't help, but our area is the same, no funding.

Plus if you have someone who is willing to study for their NVQ the setting has to pay them a wage of £2.50 per hour.


Yet something else that charity/committee run settings can't afford.

Lots of our staff were once mums, who helped so much they then decided to volunteer and do their NVQ, some managed to get jobs with us, some didn't and went elsewhere, but most really enjoyed it and said it gave them the perfect oppourtunity to get back into work having had children.

The only plus side the college said was that they could be used in ratios even though they are only studying (not that we ever would)


another sign of the times :o

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All funding here seems to have ceased.


Never heard of the £2.50 bit before..Can anyone explain this to me


I think it refers to the apprenticeship rate. We have a 19 year old currently doing this with us (not really happy as is seems 'cheap labour' - but that warrants it's own thread!!!)

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Must be for under 21 or as louby lou says apprentices. Otherwise you are paying under the minimum wage. We have 2 parents starting NVQ2 in Sept that are doing their work experience with us but we aren't paying them and no one has suggested we do otherwise. If that was the case we wouldn't be able to have them with us

There is no funding here now from our LA, but we have had info from a couple of places that are offering funding

for L2/3 & degree level. I can forward the info if you send me your email. However not sure if they are nationwide,I am in Greater London area, student has to be in employment for a certain amount of hours. It isn't suitable for a Mum who wants to gain the qualification, more for younger students or an apprenticeship

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Really weird as our college aren't specifying under a certain age, it's all ages for the £2.50 payment. Mature students who have done their NVQ2 this academic year by volunteering are now needing to find a paid post to be able to carry on and do their level 3.

Must go and double check.

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