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Our preschoolers have received in the post this morning 10 baby caterpillars which we will now eagerly watch as they transform into butterflys!


This is forming the basis of our planning for the following week and for as long as the children remain interested....


We are trying to put together some activities based around this and I wondered if anybody had any good activity ideas? I know how great this site is with ideas!


We have done some butterfly printing, butterfly hunt around the nursery, read 'the hungry caterpillar' .......


look forward to hearing all you thoughts :)

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Not sure if this is the sort of thing you are looking for.......our children like to 'act out' the stages as per 'Hungry Caterpillar'......so they start off as tiny eggs (curled up on the floor) then they are a caterpillar - we see some great movement here :o .......and so on until they nibble their way out of their cocoons and they are beautiful butterflies........lots of great flying and visiting flowers! xD

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We did a wall display once circles just overlapping stuck together to form caterpillars and then we put a picture of the children's faces on each one for the head and then as they did things we wrote on the body...Billy can sit nicely......katie counted to 5....you know the sort of thing. The important thing was to write achievements even if they might seem inconsequential to some.


I also did a forum search and found these previous caterpillar topics that might help

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Ours enjoyed threading round a paper plate with some fluffy green wool, through holes they'd punched with the hole punch, shouting 'chomp chomp' as they did so!

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We are in the midst of this at the moment - our caterpillars have just become butterflies but we can't get them to leave home! Anyone any suggestions?


We did observational drawing using magnifying glasses and different media such as charcoal, pastels and pen.


We did lots with the story and also have a CD with it on and lovely music which we moved to. We are now making up our own version of the story to act out for our end of year show. We keep the basics the same with: On Sunday, Monday... and the children are inventing a whole variety of adventures for him to find his food.


We also had all of the fruits for snack one day and tasted them whilst reading the story. We then each decided on our favourite and stuck a star next to that fruit. Great maths discussion followed.


We wrote down lots of comments by children about the changing caterpillars and displayed them adding to them over time. We talked about life cycles and the children painted their understanding of this - caterpillar, chrysalis, butterfly. We wrote the children's comments of their understanding as they were doing it. This produced a lovely display.


We had an obstacle course where they set off as caterpillars and they had to crawl through a very long tunnel that was draped with green fabric and emerged out the other end, changed into butterfly wings and flew back to home. Very simple but the children loved it.


It's been alot of fun - I like the paper plate/chomp chomp idea Cait think I might do that tomorrow. :o

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