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Hi all

Just wondered if anyone else has had a call from Arsenal?

Offering a 30 minute sports training session........I don't usually say 'yes' to cold calls like this......but....sounds really good xD:o

Hope that I haven't just fallen for a 'scam'........I've only 'given away' my email address.......

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Yeah, some time ago they do "Sporty Tots" lots of ball games; great fun really keeps the children involved and interested.


My only dilema is trying to work out what day of the week would be best to make it a regular feature and if I want to charge parents extra for it or cover the cost myself as it is not too pricey. If I choose to get parents to pay they (Arsenal) do all the fee collection themselves so I wont have to worry about it.


So go for it Sunnyday, the only thing I had to worry about was some parents saying "Why Arsenal?" I hope yours like it as much as mine did. :o

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Thanks very much for responding BMG :o


This is free of charge and a 'one off' 30 minute session for up to 15 children - sorry, they would 'do' as many 30 minute sessions to cover however many children you have in on that date........


I'm so glad that you have at least heard of it! xD


I'm waiting for a confirmation email - the (rather nice :( ) young man did say that wouldn't be sent until tomorrow.......

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Thats my problem now Sunnyday we had the free session and loved it so much we were hooked and now we are trying to work out how to include the paid for sessions on a regular basis; and looking at who pays for it parents choosing to "opt" in and pay themselves or me paying for the sessions for all children as the price was not prohibitative (the second option would be fully inclusive the first selective).


I would love to hear from you when the session has taken place and see what you think about it, we had "John" and as you say "lovely young man"! :o

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we have the Arsenal footballer man, he is brilliant.


we have them in once a week for 1/2 hr, we have 30 children per session and they can join in and leave when they want to.


To accommodate this he has a member of staff to help him.


He doesn't just do football, we have done rugby, hockey, cricket, hurdles which was quite funny to watch :o to name but a few.


He is very good with the children, and he knew all their names by the 3rd week.


I would highly recommend xD



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  • 2 weeks later...

Well.......I'm seriously fed up now.... :o


Session all booked - parents/children informed of this 'special event'........Arsenal have just rung and cancelled - apparently the trainer who covers this area has handed in his notice and they have no one to cover his sessions......


Have to say I am not impressed.....

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