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In The Process Of Registering With Ofsted And Starting Up.


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Hi All,


I am currently in the process of starting up as a registered childminder in the Worcester area. We are converting our garage space into a play area. I will be registering with OFSTED within the next week and currently attending a paediatric first aid course.


Would appreciate any tips or information you would feel might benefit me.


Thank You

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After all the compulsory things you have to do to become a childminder - joining FSF is the next most important. I have found no end of support, encouragement and information on this forum.


Very best of luck,




Well Said!!!


I'd agree that everything you need to know is either on here already or available just by asking :o take advantage of the years of childminding advice and experience on offer here and, if possible, get yourself a local mentor (either on-line or in person)... it can be a lonely role sometimes and some days you just NEED a friendly ear!



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Hi and welcome to FSF,


Don't do too much paperwork. Read the EYFS Statutory Guidance and do what it tells you to do before making up complicated planning formats that you don't need. As you get into it you'll start to work out what you need to record and this will help you create a planning system which works for you.


Work out your charging policy carefully before discussing it with any parents. Decide think like how you will charge for parents' holidays, will you do term time only, do you need to charge a retainer when a place is booked?


I have a book with all my certificates and policies in to show prospective parents.


I personally work on the principle that when the place is available for the child the parent pays whether they use it or not. If I am ill or on holiday I don't charge because they will have to pay someone else. That arrangement has stood me in good stead over the past 11 years as not one parent has questioned it.


If you have children of your own encourage them to play with the childminded children downstairs rather than in their bedrooms and make sure there is clear agreement on whose toys are whose. My girls keep their own things in their rooms and what is in the playroom is mine and everyone can share it.


I also live in the Worcester area so if you need any advice specific to the area or county please feel free to PM me.

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Hi Sarah20louise, I am embarking on that journey too but I am not as far into the process as you are. I wish you lots of luck and agree, this place is the best place for advice. and I really need to come on here more often!

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