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Superhero Day Challenge Ideas


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Hi everyone,

Saturday morning and I'm planning (so that I can have a restful Mother's day!) we are having a superhero day next week (reception) the children will be coming in dressed as superheroes and I have in mind to have a rotation of challenges for the children in the morning. I will have 3 aduts including myself. I'm looking to have 4 activities to rotate around (1 independent) but I'm struggling to come up with inspiration and wondered if anyone has any ideas. One challenge will be to rescue teddy from the outside area avoiding the laser beams (red wool wrapped around outside area)

any ideas welcome!


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Hi busybeedeb


Ooh I like that idea i think I might steal that for future plans. How about attatching some bells so that they can hear when they have touched the beams.


I'm not sure what phase your children will be working at in l&s but what about a blending activity where they have some clues to find around your class where there will be a letter and then blend the sounds to find out where the 'baddies' are holding one of teds friends. If your groups are ability based then you could differentiate accordingly with the length or use of diagraphs.


Making superhero transport for ted in the creative area.


A problem solving activity. Freeze a key to a padlock or lock in ice. How are we going to get it out? We need our sports candy (fruit) for an energy refill. It is locked in ? (choose somewhere)


Maybe you could have a maths challenge with some help from the Number jacks there sort of number heros aren't they?

I'll keep thinking something else may come to me later.

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Not quite a challenge, but when we did a super hero week, we did a super hero 'work out'. It was fab and the children loved it.

We had 'superman' ( by Black Lace.. I know tragic!) and a particular favourite of the time, Indiana Jones music.


Super sonic hearing.... environmental sounds game

boat making.. out of a selection of junk, to rescue carry two lego people across the crocodile water tray

and constructing a bridge across sheet of blue sugar paper that the children had drawn 'sharks' etc on


don't know if you have any timer games like 'perfection'... have to fit in the shapes before the bomb goes off.... that could be easily adapted if you have a loud egg timer!

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Well I've found all the threads, so perhaps that's the sum of the information. Some of my Under 3's room children have been talking about superheroes today and the Room Leader asked if I could find anything on here as she''s unconnected at the moment. Being under 3's there's a limit of course, on what is understood or what they are capable of, but I think I might have sufficient for a couple of days or so, or until interest wanes at least!


Unless anyone knows more that they've not already shared that is ................................

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