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Eeek Got The Call! First Inspection Due Within The Next 3 Weeks


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I got the call today from a lady asking about the ages of the children I look after, the days I had them and what days am I not available in the next 3 weeks. She said to expect a call from the inspector within the next 3 weeks.


Is there some sort of tick list that I have to go through or something? what are they looking for?

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You need to be meeting all the requirements of the EYFS Statutory Guidance.


Do you have a copy? If not post on here and I'm sure someone will put a link on for you.


If you are meeting all aspects of it you will be fine.

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Risk Assessments

Planning Cycle (Observe, assess, plan)

Partnership with parents and with other professionals - get feedback on this

your ability to reflect on your practice and make improvements

Your knowledge of the EYFS

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And make sure you have appropriate activities and/or facilities to cover each developmental area for the children you have on that day.


And make sure all your inclusive practice toys and books are at the front.


And don't be afraid to point out those excellent toys/activities and tell how they benefit those particular children. If inspector asks oblique questions about what you do in that area and why, that's the cue for you to tell all you know about the EYFS and areas of development.


Blow your trumpet so they know just how wonderful you are.


And fill out your registration book before s/he arrives.


Best of luck



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Don't panic!!!!


I'm sure you will be fine if you already have everything in place.


Have a look at Are you ready for your Inspection? It's easy to read and will give you lots of ideas of how to present yourself snd your setting to the Inspector.


You can find it here...




As has already been suggested read other childminders reports on the Ofsted site - if you know the Inspector's name you can read what she's written/recommended for other childminders :o



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