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We have been exploring this following a groups interest in the fire service.

Not sure about freebies but if you write to the Divisional Commander of your local Fire brigade, they can often come and visit your provision.

We had them in a couple of weeks ago and it was fantastic, the children were able to climb onboard, dress up and used the hose to spray water. They also explained in a child friendly way about fire safety.

We have also arranged for the Police, Ambulance service to come in too.

We changed our climbing frame into a fire station, made fire extinguishers out of old plastic bottles covered in red with a hose.

The children also had short pieces of hose in role-play, dressing up outfits, helmets, books on the fire service, puzzles.

We are going to see where the children take this, possibles,milkperson, postal service, refuse collection.

Have fun. :o

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We've just finished doing the same topic.


Although our local fire station couldn't do a visit with a fire truck, they were able to lend us some resources for the week - books, dressing up clothes, toy fire trucks etc. which were great!


We also asked the parents if any of them would want to come in and talk.

One of the mums is a nurse and she came in and showed the children what nurses do and how to find their pulse etc

And an uncle was a police officer - he came in all dressed up and showed the kids his baton, walkie talkie and handcuffs. He was able to bring us some resources about road safety and stranger danger too.

I've learnt its always worth asking parents as they are usually quite keen to get involved

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our local council office have a traffic set with working lights etc might be worth asking yours? :o

oh and the mayor may come to visit too!



I vividly remember when we were in Infant School (some 50 years ago eeek!) having road safety awareness. A number of officers called upon the whole school and we sat outside in the playgrounds, they used a squad car, had a roll out zebra crossing, traffic lights etc. and they would show us how to cross the road safely. One of the officers would dress up in a white coat and stroll across the road, or as it used to be called jaywalking - and the squad car would come zooming up at him. Great fun but a serious lesson being passed on.


Also remember the Tufty club - well before the Green Cross Code - do these things still exist in some format or other?

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Lets reminisce, oh yes The Tufty club, and as for The green cross code they were great, funnily enough we are looking for a road safety scheme to visit our pre-school, linking to our people that help us interest, be keen to know of any in the Essex area.

Thank you.

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