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Hello everyone,


Heard about you the other day and what fantastic support you give. Here goes my first question.


I was recently told about a planning system called 'snowball planning'. Does anyone know how it works and does anyone use it and have an example they are prepared to share?



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Hi and welcome to the Forum - my first thought was, that's an interesting expression for planning from children's interests. The children become interested in an activity and from that you add bits to it each day, thus it becomes a snowballing effect - goes off at tangents occasionally, but from one child's idea or interest, many children can become interested and you can plan a whole week around learning different things about that interest.

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Hi and welcome - its an old saying now i started using it based on sally Thomas 5 years ago - basically its starting from the childs interest and enhancing/extending it in small steps - so like a snowball it grows :oxD

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