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  1. Hi, I am after advice. We have children who are pretending to sunbathe. Would you discourage this or allow them to do it as it is something that their parents do? Thanks Radish
  2. Fabulous thank you
  3. Hi, I am new to tapestry and I believe you can do the 2yr old checks on tapestry. I am struggling to find how to do it? Can anyone help? Many thanks
  4. Qualification checker

    Thank you so much for your help. I couldn't make any sense of the web site. Sherlock?? - are you considering a career change.
  5. Qualification checker

    Hi, It is CACHE level 3 diploma in Child Care and education - qualification acreditation number 100/0649/7 thank you
  6. Qualification checker

    Thank you so much for your help Rebecca. How do I check a qualification received in August 2009? Many thanks for your help
  7. Qualification checker

    Is anyone able to help me please. I am trying to check a couple of qualifications on the gov.uk qualification checker and I cannot make any sense of the pre sept 14 list and there are no level 2 qualifications mentioned on the post september 2014 list. Is it just me??? Is there somewhere else I can look? Many thanks
  8. Hi All, We have been lucky enough to have time within the working day for staff to complete their key children's notes/observations/planning etc. With staff shortages and our numbers increasing we are finding it increasingly difficult to do so this term and are looking at allowing staff to take the learning journeys etc home. We have been advised to risk assess this before they do. Does anyone have any risk assessments regarding records leaving the setting they would be willing to share? We do have a confidentiality agreement that we get staff to sign annually, would this be sufficient or do you get staff to sign something else? Thanking you in anticipation Radish
  9. I was also hoping for the summer holidays! Lol
  10. Hi Now ofsted are giving us half a days notice before an inspection, has anyone had a call on a Friday lunchtime re an inspection on Monday? Thanks
  11. Hi Panders, We tailor the PLA policies to our setting and this was the phrase in the nappy changing policy 'Anti-bacterial hand wash liquid or soap should not be used for young children; young skin is quite delicate and anti-bacterial products kill off certain good bacteria that children need to develop their own natural resistance to infection.' Hope it helps
  12. Thanks for clearing things up Inge!
  13. During a review of our policies last year we were told not to use antibacterial soap with children under 5! Things constantly change!!
  14. Thanks for input. It brought about a big discussion at work. We have a vigorous exclusion and hand washing procedure as well as changing the water every day. Just been on the Milton website and the information there states Milton is not a bleach. And is safer to use than other cleaning agents. Makes interesting reading. http://www.milton-tm.com/en/consumer/faqs P.s. I don't work for Milton. Lol
  15. It was something that was done many years ago and we have been discussing, if is something we should go back to as we have quite a few off with the usual bugs?