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Data Protection, Insurance Etc..help!

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Hi everyone,


just wondering what else I need to be registered for/with. Data protection and insurance are just two, but what else is there?


thanks for any suggestions, maybe I'll make a anual plan with this lot on -or any suggestions on how you do yours would be greatly received.



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Isn't it funny that I've just accepted I must register, but not questioned why! :o I'm a bit miffed that I've done that.


Thanks Rea, great question...certainly got me thinking about 'big brother'.



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Don't be miffed! You are proving that you are doing what you can to protect sensitive data. As far as I know it's a legal requirement that anyone who has such data registers with the information commissioner

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Does anyone have any suggestions of what else should be on my annual to do list? I'm hoping to link it all in together on one spreadsheet or folder, so I can look up and think - January, ...must do,,,and there would be a list of items that are up for renewal in January.


Just can't think of all of the items.


Any thoughts, or suggestions would be greatfully received


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re the data protection issue, we checked with the Information Commissioner a couple of years ago and were advised that we did not need to register. Can't remember why (there was a reason!). Will check again as the rules may have changed and we are bigger now ...

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would think it would be all very personal for each setting, most send reminders or bills when due anyway so we just dealt with them when they arose, which was at different times of the year.. there was not much really other than insurance , data protection, charity commission, LEA had an annual form to do, Ofsted. Could not see a need to have a list for them. Perhaps look back at your last years accounts and pinpoint them.

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I know where you are coming from.


I think I'm just trying to get a list so that if I were to be absent, someone else can pick up the pieces. Last year I was away when there was an illness and my goodness, it made me realise how much I do and how much hads been left for me to do - i just think it'd be prudent to get a little more order in our setting.


Anyway, you have all helped me brainstorm;



Ofsted registration

chanrity comm

data protection

review fees



Review application forms

book staff meal out!


6 monthly;


update website




overseeing folders

producing rotas


June onwards;

oversee transition docs

visit children/parents at home



I'm sure there's lots more, just got to remember them all!


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