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Is this for someone with experience and relevant qualifications, or for someone with limited experience? Have you got a job spec we could see? I think the questions would differ greatly, so let us know and we'll compile a list on here :o

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OK then, I'll start us off!


* What does the EYFS mean to you?

* How do you (personally) start to build relationships with children?

* What do effective interactions between staff and children look like?

*Why is it important to work with families to support the children's learning? What suggestions do you have to work towards a successful relationship with parents?

* How do you go about observing and assessing children?

* Can you tell me about an activity with a group of children that you think went well? What did the children learn from it?

* How do you celebrate diversity in your current setting?

* What are the most successful behaviour management techniques?


I'm sure others will add their favourites! :o

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Great start Helen..just a couple more to consider.


  • what areas would you like to develop our own practice further?
  • what do you understand by the term 'safeguarding'?
  • Can you give an example of how you have worked with parent to overcome a challenge or difficulty
  • What experince do you have of multi agency working?

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