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Can anyone give me any ideas for creative exploration relating to the topic of shiny play - going to add sequins and glitter to water and playdough.

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Kitchen foil wrapped around a piece of cardboard or polystyrene (like a pizza base packaging) and then make marks....indentations with blunt pencils


Rainbow fish...shiny scale pictures


Glitter and sequins frozen in of blocks of water


Treasures boxes....make silver coins from foil


Jewellery....paint pasta tubes with metallic paint

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If this is for next term what about firework glitter pictures, names in coloured/glittered sand look fantastic.

Rangoli prints.

What about going to the bank and asking for new shiny coins then hide them in sand and look for hidden treasure.

Also can you make golden nuggets out of golden foil and try panning for gold.

Will keep thinking. :o

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