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Hi Alison, we are going to loosely be touching on this theme/topic for the first half term too. Me and my family. until we get to know the new children and where their interests are.

Ideas already are: draw a picture of themselves[ this will go on the front cover of their learning journals, including a photo of themselves].

Cooking biscuits in shapes of people.

Looking at other families from around the world, including our country this half-term which is Australia, and trying to play our digeridoo.

looking at animals from this country, lifestyles, weather, foods, songs.

Music and movement looking at how our bodies move, what we need to stay healthy, foods, rest, exercise etc. Hoping this may lead to favourite foods, toys, activities etc.

Junk modelling figures of themselves with self chosen resources.

Stories, rhymes, songs based on the Me theme.

Family trees, sharing who is in their family including pets and making a family tree chart.

Drawing around eachother with large sheets of wallpaper, then looking in a mirror to see our features, blue/brown/green eyes/ hair colour.

Colour, paint, stick the clothes we have on again based on child's choice.

Role play will be a home environment for the first two weeks then altered again based on the majority of the childrens interest and where it takes us.

I really love the idea to be spontaneous,so this is not all set in stone and can change, adapt, extend depending on our children.

I hope this may help you, Good luck and enjoy.

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