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Hi there,


Thought I would update the SEF, but cannot find the log in from Google search - Ofsted.


Anyone help?

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Thanks Cait and SueBear,


but I am looking for the online early years one which I have updated online.


I think the first link is for schools and the other link is for the old version which isn't kept online.


Think I will have to ring O tomorrow.

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Hi all,


Just in case anyone else is wanting to do this, I found the details under Ginge99,


seems I am not the only one trying to find the link:



Google OFSTED ONLINE And then click on the google result that said WELCOME. This is a common problem apparently! THE OFSTED CHAP WAS MOST HELPFUL. I used my same Gateway user ID and password and bingo!!!



Thanks Ginge

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Have just used my link to log on to my early years SEF online!


I clicked on the link I posted before then the first link on page




this then opened the page where you enter your gateway details, password etc


once in


you click on SEF in left menu


then on registration


then on your last saved sef


good luck x


edit - just discovered clicking on the link in this post got me straight there!!!!

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this is what is saved in favourites and I click on the link x

Just wanted to say thank you - you are a complete star! xD


I had been struggling to get to the appropriate page - had emailed Ofsted for help - hmmm - less said about that the better :o anyway then followed your instructions and.......yay - success! :(

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