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How To Get Staff Involved In Writing A Sef ?


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I just wondered how you get the staff involved in writing your Sef document?


Has anyone got any ideas that are a bit different and fun?

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Hi bubbles used to live in Walthamstow when i was a wee lass. We brainstormed ours at a staff meeting, it was actually very proactive with everyone having a say. I made some charts on wallpaper and then staff made a spidergram from the keyword i had put in the centre of each chart, quite interesting, thought provoking and much better than any annual appraisal any day. I then evaluated each comment, suggestions, with my Deputies to put what we think was an informed decision on our SEF to where we think we are at present. :o

I would be very interested to also hear of any other suggestions.

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I have created a new thread for Bubbles00's and bridger's discussion about the setting they have in common in the lounge area because I am worried that the original question might get lost. However some of the posts I've moved had some relevant points, so I'll copy them here for anyone who might be interested:-


Bubbles00 said:-


Ooh that sounds very interesting...what key words did you use on these spidergrams?

Did the staff say what you do already or suggestions for further development, or both??


bridger said:-


I used phrases from the SEF with a keyword gave everyone a pen and said what does that mean to them in our setting. People were very honest which was fantastic, also highlighted which areas the staff were more confident in than others,ie: storytelling,creative art, music and movement.

I was then able to look at the staffs own personal development with regard to future courses and workshops.

We also had a kind group of volunteer parent/carers come in to go through the SEF, and compile a questionaire which went out to all members of our setting.This was also a good tool for evaluating our provision. smile.gif


to which Bubbles00 replied:-


Sounds like it was very useful for you, defo going to try it in my setting!

Can you tell me an example of a phrase you used? was it like " how do we keep children safe"??


Hopefully this will keep the original discussion on track so that current or future members can access high quality advice and support about how to encourage the team to get involved in completing the SEF.



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I started ages ago and left it for a while then went back to it bit by bit saving it as I went along. I was determined to finish it and submit it during the summer hols - and I have. Isn't it a weight off your mind?


Sue J

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