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Last day of term today (we only do 37 weeks so finish a week before schools) so that means we are officially Ofsted free until September at the earliest!


This means we can do all those little jobs we have been meaning to get done BEFORE they arrive. Hurrah!


We've been expecting them since May so it is quite a relief. Not that we are doing anything wrong, just that we want to be completely up to speed before they do.

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Yep - I can really identify with that Suzie! :(


We are not 'due' until November - but I had managed to convince myself that they would arrive this term! :(:o


I too have some 'loose ends' to tie up - but can't help wishing they had been - would have been good not to worry about it over the hols. (why do we worry about it so much anyway?! :( )


Here's to a good summer! xD

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