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What does everyone do for their Sept leavers going to school. Someones mentioned a teddy bears picnic and inviting the parents along as another way of emphasizing our partnership with parents. Last yr we had an end of term party, bouncy castle, face painting and a few games. Does anyone do this?

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we always did a picnic in the park... over a lunch time after session....


all children and parents were invited to join us in a local park, they brought picnic lunch and we provided a few games.. and usually took the parachute as parents enjoyed this as much as the children, (sometimes more)


we sometimes made it a fancy dress day... bur mostly a big social occasion for all...


we always found ourselves with an enormous group and all enjoyed it.. parents spent time together and with us, many dads attended as well if we gave enough notice , coming out in their lunch break or booking the day off. Children loved the space and we didn't have the responsibility of looking after the children so we could enjoy it as well


We always did this and in 10 years I never had to cancel due to bad weather, and since I have left they still do it.. and still always a good weather day.. must be luck.



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In the past we have gone to the pub! The children walk past the pub on our way to the allotment or to the woods so we decided to invite all our families to meet us in the pub after the last session. They have a big garden and trees for the children to climb and it is such a lovely, relaxed way to end the year.


I met one of our families yesterday at a school fete and grandma was telling me how much she loved it when she came a few years ago. So I've decided that we're going to make it an annual event. Hopefully I'll see campbells in person before she reads this! :o



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We have also taken the children out, and invited parents. Again teddy bears picnic for a snack part way through. We took the parachute, tunnel, cones, bean bags, space hoppers, hoops, quoits etc and had mini sports activities in small groups with parents taking part as well, which they really enjoyed - oh seeing parents on a space hopper trying to get round cones - very very funny!!!!


We were able to walk to the local park and use the tennis courts, they are grass courts and not used at the moments so no nets up etc, but the best thing is that the children were ENCLOSED! so no escaping, although one did try and her useless parent trying to get her back was interesting!!


Its great if its nice weather, but failing that we would have had it in the hall.


We then gave out leavers certificates.


Enjoy whatever you decide to do.

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We normally have a party but as we have been using ourdoors and principles of Forest schools We are this years having a 'Camp Out' Lunch in the local woods, we are cooking our food and exploring the enviroment, we are walking there and then parents are meeting us later and collecting them from the woods.


Once they are collected staff may have a small tipple in the sunshine (or in our country the rain :o )



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We have a Gala day and summer BBQ - it's for all the children and families ( on a Saturday so Dads can come too) usual stuff like face painting , bouncy castle , magician, and a graduation ceremony for the leavers. The families all love it and it actually doesn't take too much to organise. :o

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We have a Teddy Bears Picnic xD


We hold it on the Monday - after we have broken up on the Friday......does that make sense? :(


Really simple to organise - well there isn't anything to organise at all really! :o


Always a lovely occasion - we invite whole families and include grandparents in that.......

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