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The girls in my setting have an hours lunch break ( upaid) no tea breaks. Diners run from 11am to 3pm. We employ luch cover to adhere to ratio



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No I believe anyone working over 6 hours gets 20 minutes, only the under 18's get 15 minutes after 4 hours.


I'm going to offer the unpaid 15 minutes if they wish to take it.

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sorry i'm just catching up so am bumping up some older threads lol.

lunchbreaks are paid at our setting but we sit with the children and eat - so it's not really a break as such.

Tea breaks we go one at a time into the bar (we're in a village hall) and have our drink while making snack etc then when we finish we make the next persons drink. We can see and talk to the children all the time though :)

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