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where does everyone get there insurance from. I am currently with the pre-school learning alliance but obviously to have insurance with them you have to have membership. Am wondering if there are any alternatives or is everyone with the pla.

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Hi Titchy


I too use the PLA for insurance. Last year Children's Links took over as the development team in our county so i thought it was a good time to start looking around for other insurers so that i didn't have to pay the membership fee.


I was horrified at the high costs that were quoted to me, way more than the total cost of insurance and membership with the PLA. So i decided to stick with them!


We are a large day nursery, so not sure whether the costs would be different for other settings?

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We looked around this year and got quotes to compare so we could look at leaving the PLA too. But the only quote we got which was close didn't provide the same cover so we ended up going with the PLA again. I'm a little annoyed as we get nothing from them except a magazine 3/4 times a year and the news in it is always out of date by the time it arrives. We have no local support and I fail to see the point of the membership costs at present, except to access the cheaper insurance.

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I used to be with Morton Michel but found William Taylor last year, much cheaper then MM and very comprehensive cover with Ecclesiastical. They have their own nurseries too. I also looked at PLA, as I used to work for them, and found them way over the top.


Renewed with William Taylor again this year with no increase in premium cost, they let me pay with three cheques, each a month apart, without incuring any extra charges - if you pay monthly then they add charges.


Take a look, this is their web address :o





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