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I have begun emailing a simple text format to parents so that they can file it easily and have reference to what they have actually signed up for, and also ask them to sign a master copy which I keep. This keeps filing down for all parties and everyone has a reference.



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Hi i

I have 80 children on my books and we give parents a small pack of policies. I couldn't afford to do a complete pack. We give lunch information, illness policy, fees, nappy changing, behaviour, settling in, admin, child protection. Can't think if there are any others.


We also do a check list for illnesses and things to bring with them.


It would be a huge pack if I photocopied everything and cost much to much money I would have to start charging for administration costs.

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i keep a file with all the policies in the entrance hall which parents can access. we also give parents the essential policies in their starter pack and i have also put everything on the website. The starter pack is already 47 pages long...... we spend so long printing new packs.................................

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